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Literary luminary Durjoy Datta sprinkled insights at AdtU during Meet & Greet session that ignited the imaginations of our students, planting the seeds for future literary greatness.

Date- 15th Feb 2024

The session held in the HNDB Library, drew a crowd of enthusiastic students eager to interact with the acclaimed author.The session motivated our students with Mr. Datta’s writing journey, creative process, and the unique challenges and joys of storytelling. He shared anecdotes, offered candid advice to aspiring writers, and answered a range of thought-provoking questions posed by students and invited members of the press.

Following the engaging Q&A, Durjoy Datta graciously signed copies of his books, personalized with heartfelt messages, and engaged in friendly conversations with each student, making the experience truly unforgettable.We are grateful to Mr. Datta for sharing his profound wisdom with our students, empowering them to aspire to greatness as authors.