Assam down town University

Empowering Education in
North East India

About Us

Assam down town University has been a pioneer of modern global education that inspires its students to think critically, learn across disciplinary boundaries, engage in research and focus on values of highest order. The journey of the university started with down town Charity Trust that established this institution in 2010 nestled in the scenic surroundings of Panikhaiti, Chandrapur, Guwahati. It had resolved to provide affordable quality education to the people of the North Eastern Region of India. Since then, this university has worked its ways to become a beacon of modern education and innovation.

The pioneering education provided at AdtU has expanded across the world as students as far as African countries like Zimbabwe, Kenya and neighbouring counties like Nepal, Bhutan, Bangladesh among others have enrolled in this institution. Education at AdtU puts a strong emphasis on foundational knowledge, excellent professional communication, innovation academic rigour and research. Our students are encouraged to explore diverse disciplinary ideas and become well-rounded professionals who can be committed leaders.

The journey of Assam down town University began in 2010 with a resolute mission to address the region's need for accessible and quality education. Over the years the education at AdtU has become more global in nature as our programmes provide holistic professional education fit for the real-world challenges.

The Campus at AdtU located by the serenely beautiful Brahmaputra is an eclectic hub of social, cultural and intellectual activities. The university makes sure that students nurture their passions through diverse clubs that of art, music, dance, yoga, and robotics and so on while striving for academic excellence.

AdtU stands out for its distinctive approach of merging academic prowess with industry insights. This fusion equips students with a holistic understanding of their chosen fields. The education at AdtU has its increasing focus on the emerging dynamics of the professional worlds and nurturing young individuals who will fit them and flourish.

The university has assembled a team of over 250 esteemed faculty members, a fusion of industry veterans and renowned academicians. Their guidance shapes students into future leaders.


Cultural Mosaic: AdtU's student community reflects diversity, with individuals hailing from various parts of India and abroad. This multicultural environment fosters an inclusive and rich learning experience.

Modern Teaching Methods: The university places a strong emphasis on contemporary teaching methods, ensuring that students are equipped with relevant skills to excel in their chosen careers.

Industry Integration: AdtU's industry ties facilitate real-world exposure, internships, and placements. This seamless integration ensures that students are job-ready upon graduation.

Accolades and Achievements: The pursuit of academic excellence has garnered AdtU numerous accolades. Today, it stands as a top-ranked university in the North East, with a reputation for quality education.

Diverse Disciplines:AdtU's academic umbrella spans a wide range of disciplines, including Sciences, Engineering, Allied Health Sciences, Management, Social Sciences, Humanities, Nursing, and Pharmacy.

Innovative Pedagogy: The university employs an inspirational academic model, aligned with global standards. It consistently evolves to match the dynamic landscape of education and international practices.

Global Footprints: With a global perspective in mind, AdtU encourages students to participate in research initiatives, exchange programs, and collaborations with international institutions.

Campus Infrastructure: Spread across 80 acres of serene Panikhaiti hills, the university boasts state-of-the-art infrastructure, creating an ideal environment for holistic education.


The Journey to University Status

Government Recognition: down town Charity Trust's endeavor was officially recognized by the Assam Government. In 2010, the educational project in Panikhaiti received university status, a milestone marked by Assam Gazette No.LGL.9/2010/11.

Private University Pioneer: This recognition positioned Assam down town University as the second private university in the state of Assam, contributing significantly to the region's educational landscape.

In the heart of the North Eastern Region of India, Assam down town University stands tall as a testament to quality, accessibility, and innovation in education. With a commitment to merging academia and industry, fostering diversity, and consistently striving for excellence, AdtU has become a preferred choice for those seeking holistic education in Assam.