Master of Arts in English

2 Years Master Degree Programme

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Global Education, Global Acceptance

  • Interdisciplinary Exploration
  • Hands-On Research Emphasis
  • Global and Inclusive Perspectives
  • Professional Development Integration
  • Innovative Pedagogy

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  • English

Programme Details

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2 Years Programme

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Upto 100% Scholarship

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100% Placement Assistance

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The Master of Arts in English program offers a comprehensive and advanced study of literature and language, providing students with a profound understanding of literary works, linguistic structures, and cultural contexts. The curriculum emphasizes critical analysis, research proficiency, and effective communication skills, equipping students with the tools needed for scholarly excellence. With a focus on intellectual independence and global awareness, graduates emerge as leaders in literary and academic communities.Whether pursuing careers in academia, publishing, or diverse professional fields, students graduate with applied knowledge, transferable skills, and a deep appreciation for the rich heritage of English literature.

  • Demonstrate the ability to independently explore, evaluate, and synthesize complex ideas, theories, and cultural perspectives within the realm of English studies, fostering intellectual autonomy and a lifelong commitment to learning.
  • Apply their advanced knowledge of literature and language in diverse professional contexts.
  • Exhibit the ability to engage in creative expression through literary production ,demonstrating a mastery of literary techniques and an understanding of the creative process within the context of English literature.

  • Critical Analysis and Interpretation: Demonstrate advanced skills in critically analyzing literary texts, cultural artifacts, and linguistic phenomena, showcasing a deep understanding of various genres, historical contexts, and theoretical frameworks.
  • Effective Communication: Exhibit proficiency in written and oral communication, employing appropriate styles and conventions for academic, professional, and creative purposes, and demonstrating the ability to convey complex ideas with clarity.
  • Research Proficiency: Conduct independent, scholarly research, employing a range of methodologies, and contributing original insights to the field of English studies.
  • Multicultural and Global Perspectives: Possess an awareness of diverse cultural and global perspectives, demonstrating an understanding of how literature and language shape and reflect different societies, identities, and historical moments.
  • Literary and Linguistic Theory Application: Apply advanced theories and methodologies in literary and linguistic studies, integrating theoretical frameworks into their analyses and interpretations of texts and language phenomena.
  • Digital Literacy and Technology Integration: Use digital tools and technologies relevant to the field of English studies, including electronic databases, digital archives, and emerging platforms for literary and linguistic analysis.
  • Professional Development and Career Readiness: Develop skills and strategies for professional success in various career paths, including but not limited to academia, publishing, journalism, and communications. This includes resume building, networking, and the ability to articulate the value of their English degree in diverse professional contexts.
  • Collaborative Scholarship and Interdisciplinary Engagement: Engage in collaborative scholarly activities, demonstrating the ability to work across disciplines and contribute to interdisciplinary conversations, fostering a deeper understanding of the intersections between literature, language, and other fields of study.

  • Demonstrate transferable skills, such as critical thinking, problem-solving, and adaptability, preparing for a range of career opportunities beyond academia.
  • Analyse, interpret, and understand the complex interrelationships between authors, texts, and specific social, political, and historical contexts and apply critical and theoretical approaches to the reading and analysis of literary and cultural texts in multiple genres.
  • Identify, analyze, interpret and describe the critical ideas, values, and themes that appear in literary and cultural texts and understand the way these ideas, values, and themes inform and impact culture and society, both now and in the past.

Curriculum Details

Year wise Course Details


Apply Scholarship through CST

CST- Common scholarship test is a national and international level online MCQ based examination funded for intellectual empowerment by Assam down town University.

CST- Maximum enrolment each year is 120 seats and any 10+2 students can apply. Adtu is northeast India’s first placement driven university to provide 100% scholarship benefits worth 10 cr.

CST aims to inspire brilliant and competent students to pursue further education. Accredited with a prestigious grade by NAAC, UGC and AICTE.

Apply Scholarship Through

Explore more scholarships that can help you reach out your goal with financial aid.

This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university examination

95% & above 100% Scholarship on all semester
90%-94.9% 50% Scholarship on all semester
80%-89.9% 25% Scholarship on all semester

This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university exam

National & International Level 100% Scholarship on all semester
State Level 50% Scholarship on all semester
District Level 25% Scholarship on all semester

This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university exam

National & International Level 100% Scholarship on all semester
State Level 50% Scholarship on all semester
District Level & NCC Certificate Holder 25% Scholarship on all semester

A 50% scholarship on total semester fees is provided to all specially abled students.

A 100% scholarship on the last semester fee is provided to all the alumni of Assam down town University.

A 100% scholarship on total semester fee for Economically Backward Classes

Campus Life

Our Facilities

World Class Facilities

Discover a multitude of world-class amenities and cutting-edge resources at Assam down town University, enhancing your academic journey to new heights.

Some of our Facilities
  • Library
  • Swimming Pool
  • Play Ground
  • Amphitheatre
  • Basketball Court
  • Cinema Hall
  • Cafeteria
  • Canteen
  • Indoor stadium
  • Yoga Studio
  • Gym
  • ATM

Start-Up &
Incubation Centre

The Start-Up & Incubation Centre at Assam down town University provides a supportive environment for young entrepreneurs to develop and grow their business ideas. The center provides mentorship, funding, and networking opportunities to help innovative ideas become successful businesses.

Rural Empowerment with SFURTI scheme

SFURTI scheme to support rural entrepreneurs and innovators, an initiative by the Ministry of MSME

TIDE 2.0 scheme for ICT-based startups

TIDE 2.0 scheme for ICT-based startups which provides a grant of Rs. 4L and Rs. 7L under EiR and Grant categories respectively, an initiative by the Ministry of MeitY.

dtVL Ideation interest-free loans up to Rs. 2 lakhs.

dtVL Ideation, an incubation program for early-stage entrepreneurs with a market-ready solution/product, offering interest-free loans up to Rs. 2 lakhs.

Innovation with Sprout UP program

Sprout UP, an incubation program for students, faculties, and researchers with innovative business ideas, prototypes, or technology solutions.

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