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The Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology (CoEN) was started at Assam down town University to initiate research and development activities in Nanotechnology. Apart from research in Applied Nanotechnology for the development of Nanotechnology based products, the CoEN also concentrate in knowledge dissemination through workshops and training programs. The CoEN is directing its efforts to incubate start-ups with low-cost Nanotechnology based products. The CoEN operates on a unique concept which can be termed as PoMEGreNaTe or Poor Men's Green Nanotechnology.

Considering the future prospects of nanotechnology, countries across the world are investing heavily into this sector. Assam down town University plans to be among the top research organizations undertaking research in nanotechnology in the north eastern part of India. The Centre of Excellence in Nanotechnology (COEN) is started in the Panikheiti Campus of the Assam down town University as a part of this plan.

Vision and Mission


The vision of the CoEN at AdtU is to uplift Nanotechnology research and innovation in the North East and the entire country.


To conduct, encourage and support Nanoscience and Nanotechnology awareness, education, research and development, nanotechnology-based product design; assist in the transfer of technology to the industrial sector in order to improve the quality of life and the environment.



Research in Nano-sciences and Nanotechnology leading to industry-ready technology/products and


Development of human resources for implementing nanotechnology through interdisciplinary research


Strong interactions leading to collaborations with leading academic institutions and industry for collaborative innovations


Setting up of a state-of-the-art nanotechnology characterization lab with facilities like Scanning Electron Microscope, Transmission Electron Microscope, X-ray diffraction spectroscope, Photoluminescence Spectroscope, Raman Spectroscope, Inductively Coupled Mass Spectroscope, Gas chromatograph, etc.


Design and fabrication of basic instruments for nano fabrication and characterization. The CoEN will advocate the concept of Poor Man’s Nanotechnology and assist other institutions in setting up basic Nanotechnology research labs.


Set up a library (both printed and electronic) of books and research publications.


Organize International and National Conferences, Symposiums, Workshops, etc.


Support researchers in submitting research projects to funding agencies


To design and develop a Nanotechnology Park for public awareness, understanding and appreciation


To recognize Nano science concepts

To increase the knowledge & skills in Nanotechnology

To promote green techniques in Nanotechnology research 

To develop Nanotechnology products

To evolve business models in nanotechnology

To improve consumer awareness

To commercialize nanotechnology products at affordable prices

To ensure a better quality of life for all

To strive for a cleaner and sustainable environment

To enhance business in nanotechnology and promote partners

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CoEN Instrumentation Centre 

CoEN Research and Development Laboratories 

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CoEN Nanotechnology Exhibition Centre

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