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Assam down town University, Faculty of Nursing burst into excitement as it celebrated its yearly Sports Day.

Date- 12th Jan 2024

 The Dean of Nursing, Prof (Dr)Manashi Sengupta initiated the opening remarks for the event, which featured a variety of sporting competitions, including heated 100- and 200-meter races and a fierce tug-of-war that promoted healthy rivalry. In the Spoon and Marble Race, focus was evident, while laughter reverberated during the Three-Legged Race. For added skill and enjoyment, faculty members equally enjoyed engaging Musical Chairs and badminton competitions. The primary events of the day included Futsal and Cricket tournaments arranged by the SNA Unit. The event, which focused on harmony, sportsmanship, and teamwork, ended with great success. Sincere gratitude to the SNA Unit and all attendees for making today genuinely unforgettable!