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Assam down town University's Prof Pranvir Singh guest of honour at InspireED 2024, Srinagar event

Date- 04th Jul 2024

Assam down town University is pleased to announce that on May 30th, 2024, our esteemed Pro Vice-Chancellor, Prof Pranvir Singh, was named Guest of Honour at InspireED 2024 in Srinagar, which was organised by MahaKaushal University in Jabalpur, Madhya Pradesh. The event aimed to inspire Kashmir's youth to pursue futuristic careers that align with their natural temperament, instincts, skills, and life goals.

InspireED 2024 was designed to inspire minds and fire dreams, with thought-provoking lectures and engaging workshops to stimulate creativity and ambition in both students and professionals. The success of the event was greatly influenced by Professor Singh's perceptive speech and attendance, which had a long-lasting effect on every guest. His address, which struck a deep chord with everyone in attendance, focused on the value of creativity, leadership, and pursuing aspirations.