Dr. Nayana Gautam

Dr. Nayana Gautam

Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Science


Name: Specialization:
Dr. Nayana Gautam High Energy Physics


PhD in Physics

Working Experience

1year experience as Assistant Professor in Physics,Kaliabor College,Nagaon

5years experience as research fellow in Tezpur University


1.Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Phenomenology of keV scale sterile neutrino dark matter with S4 flavor symmetry, Journal of High Energy Physics 01(2020)098 (IF:6.379)

2.Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Flavor symmetric origin of texture zeros in minimal inverse seesaw and impacts on leptogenesis, Phys.Lett.B 833 (2022) 137302 (IF:4.4)

3.Gautam, N., Krishnan, R., & Das., M. K.; Effect of sterile neutrino on low energy pro- cesses in minimal extended seesaw with ∆(96) symmetry and TM 1 mixing, Front. in Phys., 417, 2021 (IF:3.718)

4.Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Impact of texture zeros on dark matter and neu- trinoless double beta decay in inverse seesaw, Nucl.Phys.B 971 (2021) 115519, (IF:3.045)

5.Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Neutrino mass, leptogenesis and sterile neutrino dark matter in inverse seesaw framework International Journal of Modern Physics A 36(2021) 2150146 (IF:1.4)

6.Gogoi J.,Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Neutrino masses and mixing in Minimal Inverse Seesaw using A4 modular symmetry, International Journal of Modern Physics A 38(2023) 2350022,(IF:1.4)

7. Boruah B., Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Neutrinoless double beta decay and Sterile dark matter in extended left right symmetric model, arXiv:2206.00696 (accepted for Publication in Journal of Physics G)

8.Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Impact of texture zeros of neutrino mass matrix on dark matter phenomenology, Springer Proceedings of the conference, International Conference on Trends in Modern Physics -2021,DOI: 10.1007/978-981-16-5141-0.

9. Gautam, N., & Das., M. K.; Impact of Texture Zeros on Leptogenesis within Minimal Inverse Seesaw Framework, proceeding of PANE-2021 ,IJERT,ISSN: 2278-0181.


Awards & Achievements

Qualified SET conducted by SLET commision Assam (NE Region).

Selected as DST INSPIRE JRF in Physics in 2017

Gold medal in M.Sc (Physics) from Cotton College State University

11 rank in HSLC conducted by SEBA in 2008