Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science of Assam down town University endeavors for brilliance in teaching-learning, explore decisive research works enthused by recent technological advancements and provide optimum platform to grow with continuous enrichment through nurturing scientific and professional leadership that successfully reaches out in a spirit of openness, comprehensiveness and service to the society.


  • To produce skilled and devoted work force as per the changing requirement of different sectors of the economy.
  • To produce skilled and devoted work force:
  • To cater to the needs of all humankind through the profession of Pharmacy.
  • To consider the welfare of humanity and relief of human suffering.
  • To apply the knowledge and skills in a way that the optimum drug therapy outcomes are assured.
  • To remain abreast of contemporary developments and to maintain professional competency.
  • To maintain the highest principles of moral, ethical and legal conducts.
  • To emphasize on research and development to tackle local and regional issues of human health.
  • To promote entrepreneurship development through innovation and incubation.
  • To establish itself as a centre of excellence in academic and research areas and to develop a centre for excellent knowledge repository and knowledge dissemination.
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