With great honour I am placing few words –
In modern world, paramedical science has emerged as an important branch of medical science. It has proved itself by assisting in the treatment of communicable, non-communicable diseases. Paramedical science is emerging as multi-dimensional branch of service which is filled with great opportunities. After completing the basic courses in any of the paramedical streams the candidate can work in a hospital, nursing home, clinic, health department etc. With the increase in corporate hospitals, the score for the professionals have increased tremendously and with that employment opportunities are increasing day by day; not only in India but also in the western countries like USA, Canada, UK, UAE etc. 
Paramedical courses have given way to career opportunities and played an important role in improving the health condition of people. Their role in the multidisciplinary team of today’s healthcare service is to provide correct diagnosis and effective treatment.
Assam downtown University owns the pride of having one of the best Faculty of Paramedical Sciences in the entire North Eastern region where we offer a wide range of courses like Medical Lab Technology, Radiology, Optometry, Dialysis Technology, Emergency and Critical Care and Physiotherapy.

Associate Dean, Faculty of Paramedical Science
Assam down town University

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