Ms. Ruth Lalhmingthang

Associate Professor

Faculty of Nursing

Year Qualification
2011 Msc Nursing in Obstetric and Gynecology at Regional college of Nursing, Gauhati University.
2008 Bsc Nursing at Regional College of Nursing , Gauhati  University.
2002 HSSLC at St. John Higher Secondary School, Meghalaya,
2000 HSLC  at St Albert School, Meghalaya

M.Sc in obstetrics and gynaecology nursing


Year Organization Position Responsibilities
Nov-2011 - Present Assam Downtown University Associate Professor Teaching Academic,  PG Class Co ordinator, Research Guide, clinical supervision
July 2008-Nov 2009 Woodland Institute of Nursing Tutor cum Clinical Instructor Teaching and clinical supervision


Ruth Lalhmingthang, Oinam R Singh, T. J Jami, Lalawmpuii Fanai (Dec 2016). " Assessment  of knowledge on  minor ailments  of pregmancy  among primi gravida mothers  and home remedies". International Journal of Nursing Education.Voume -8,Issue-4,P: 61-63. ISSN-0974-9349 

Ruth Lalhmingthang, Rikupar Iawim(May 2018) " A study to assess the effectiveness of Planned Teaching Programme on knowledge regarding prevention of cervical cancer by vaccination among female faculty in selected university, Assam.International Journal of Advanced Research. volume -6, Issue- 5, P: 343-345.IF: 6.1. ISSN -2320-5407

Ruth Lalhmingthang, Nongmeikapam Monika(June 2018) "A study to assess the knowledge of the postnatal mothers regarding the problems of premature babiesadmited at NICU in slected Hospital , Assam", Indian Journal of Applied Research. Volume- 8, Issue-6, P-149, IF -5.3,  ISSN-2245-555X.

Ruth Lalhmingthang(June-2018) " A study to evaluate the effects of Self Instructional Material on knowledge regarding cervical cancer, its detection and control among schooll teachers in selected Girl's High School , Shillong, Meghalaya. Indian Journal of Applied Research. Volume -8, Issue-6, P-150. IF-5.3  ISSN-2249-555X.

Ludy Lalramdinpuii, Ruth Lalhmingthang, Nongmeikapam Monika, (June -2018) "A study to assess the effectiveness of Self Instructional Module on knowledge regarding management of dysmenorrhoea among adolescent girls in selected college at Guwahati, Assam". Paripex- Indian Journal of research.Volume- 7, Issue-6, P-45, IF -6.7 ISSN: 2250- 1991.

Tage Renu, Ruth Lalhmingthang, Nongmeikapam Monika (June-2019)" A study to assess the knowledge regarding menopausal symptoms among women in selected community of Guwahati, Assam with a view of developing information booklet". International Journal of Research and analytical Reviews . Volume -6, Issue- 2, P: 117-118, .IF: 5.7. (E- ISSN -2348-1269)

Sengchi J Sangma, Ruth Lalhmingthang, Nongmeikapam Monika (June-2019)" A study to assess the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on sex education among adolescents in selected schools,Guwahati, Assam". Journal of Emerging Technologies and Innovative Research . Volume -6, Issue- 6, P: 244-245, .IF: 5.8. (E- ISSN -2349-1562).

S Arenla Ao, Nongmeikapam Monika, Ruth Lalhmingthang (June-2019)" A study to assess the effectiveness of application of cold compress versus hot compress in the management of breast engorgement among post-natal mothers in selected hospital, Guwahati, Assam. Paripex- Indian Journal of Research. Volume -8, Issue- 6, P: 42-44, .IF: 6.7. (E- ISSN -2250-1991).

Zulanbeni C Kithan, Nongmeikapam Monika,  Ruth Lalhmingthang (June 2020) “An Experimental Study To Assess The Effectiveness Of Moist Heat Application For Reduction Of Post Episiotomy Pain After Normal Vaginal Delivery Among Postnatal Mothers In Selected Hospital, Guwahati, Assam”. International Journal Of Creative And Research Thoughts (Ijcrt), Volume: 8, Issue : 6 , P: 835-836, Impact Factor 7.9, ISSN:2320-2882

Lalawmpuii Fanai,  Ruth Lalhmingthang, Nongmeikapam Monika (June 2020) “ a study to evaluate the effectiveness of structured teaching programme on Polycystic ovarian disease among adolescent girls in selected college, Guwahati, Assam. International Journal of Creative Research Thoughts (IJCRT) Volume- 8,  Issue- 6,  P - 1353-1355, ISSN:2320-2882

Reading Books

Year  Position   Details
2017  Best Speaker Awarded as the Best Speaker for Faculty Saturday Seminar organised by Assam DownTown University


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