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Information and Communication Technology (ICT) knowledge is the need of the hour and in AdtU teachers are combining technology with the traditional mode of instruction to engage students in effective learning. Assam down town University (AdtU) has also encouraged ICT-enabled climate to promote blended learning platforms to effectively continue the teaching-learning experience without interruption.
AdtU has been already following an updated Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system since 2017.  The academic module of the ERP, PRAN has been introduced in 2017 and ever since functioning as the main network of all academic activities, data creation, preservation, including the creation of individual accounts, assigning tasks, training and customizing to handle the system. It includesan academic portal as well as a student portal. By browsing this digital platform, students can avail all information required to update themselves in the context of their classes with class notes, videos, research links, references, etc. uploaded to the system. The academic portal offers notices, circulars, and course structures, and the student portal includes information related to the admit card, fees payment, etc. Besides these two portals, the Placement portal was added in the year 2018, where information related to the vacancies, postings and placement-related databases are displayed from time to time. In the year 2018, the student portal facilitated options for migration applications, security money refund, scholarship applications, feedback system, and student grievance applications. A continuous up-gradation followed which resulted in the new addition of an examination-based question repository, entry of examination marks and details of PhD scholars in the year 2019. The student portal enabled the students to view their mark sheets, class notes, bonafide certificates etc. Moreover, identity card generation and self uploading of documents for final registration were also enabled.
COVID 19 pandemic had hit the year 2020 hard and the entire education system sustained through online mode. Classes, as well as examinations, were conducted online. IT integration into the examination system has been the flagship component of managing the entire examination process. The examination portal helped to conduct online MCQ-based examinations, tabulation of marks, grade cards as well as certificate generation. The ERP also generates the transfer certificates, migration certificates, and character certificates after the necessary clearance from the examination office.

Digital Learning Platform

A Digital learning platform allows access to a complete library of online resources. The software is structured to organize information in a way that makes it easily accessible to all users. The learning material can be availed in the form of courses, multimedia content, archives and evaluations. All students can access the information anytime and from anywhere with the help of the Internet and a reading device of their choice, be it a laptop, tablet or smartphone. There is also the option to download material and access it for offline use. AdtU has adopted digital learning platforms to provide students with high-quality education using computers and mobile devices. These platforms were designed to do the heavy lifting when it comes to deploying learning and tracking progress so that one can focus more on fine-tuning the learning content. In the year 2014, Youtube channels for education purposes were created, in the year 2017, the first video for AICTE purposes was created. COVID-19 had resulted in the shut down of educational institutions all across the world. As a result, the education scenario has changed dramatically, with the distinctive rise of e-learning, whereby teaching is undertaken remotely and on digital platforms. At AdtU, online classes were conducted through online platforms like Zoom, Google Meet, Cisco Webex, etc. Besides classes, these platforms were also used for quizzes, lab submissions, and evaluations, assignments, etc. Seminars, Conferences, guest lectures and talks were digitally organized for students and faculty development programs were also conducted online for the faculties. Moreover, a playlist of Youtube videos, including lab videos and live sessions was regularly created for the better learning of the students. Moreover, value addition IT-based class Module includes AWS, Educate, Coursera, MOOC, HCE.

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