A hearty welcome to Assam down town University (AdtU). We all appreciate your interest in this university of ours.

It is a privilege beyond words to be here. Indeed, it is immaculately serene. There is greenery all around. The mighty Brahmaputra flowing nearby adds to its charms. It is in this pristine ambience that our university thrives. I cannot but admire the decision of the Board of Trustees to set up the university in this locality.

Our university is a micro north east India. It has students from all the north eastern states. Only seven years have passed since its inception. And already it has a strong international presence.

The basket of the course has in its fold, widely different hues. Varied disciplines such as Engineering, Management, Allied Health Sciences, Applied Sciences and Social Sciences & Humanities adorn it. It also boasts of a unique course on Emergency and Critical Care. We also take pride in skilling the nation through vigorous short - term programmes.

True, we have a humble beginning. Yet there is a fervent wish to soar -- to excel in teaching-learning, in research and in outreach. . In our own way, we also aim for a better world. Towards that, we seek to combine intellect with skills, technology with ecological concern, science with humanism, health with compassion and local with universal ethos. Admittedly, we have a long way to go. Yet we too envision a better world - a better civilization that grows and sustains.

Come, join, and make us stronger.



Prof. (Dr.) Narayan Chandra Talukdar

Vice Chancellor

Assam down town University



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