Welcome to Assam down town University (AdtU), a premiere learning campus.

At AdtU, we ensure for providing students with a value-based transformative experience- professionally, intellectually and personally to prepare them as global citizens and leaders. We focus on 390-degree transformation for assuring 360-degree development across the x-y plane and a life-long learning attitude for progressive thinking along the z-axis.

Our educational environment is transformative, interdisciplinary and integrative. The specifically designed curriculum of each program is values & multiple skills inculcative and facilitates multidiscipline specialization with adequate flexibility that meets future industry demands. Our students experience freedom in making specific learning paths for attaining their dream careers.

Given our brain soothing naturally grown lush-green mountainous campus filled with tweeting birds' melodies and sandal fragrance, state-of-the-art infrastructure, domain expert faculty, global teaching pedagogies, excellent nurturing environment for learning, logical thinking, research & innovation and entrepreneurship, AdtU is emerging as the institution of choice for students of pursuing higher studies. We, at AdtU, have taken the responsibility of developing and nurturing world-class professional leaders, and therefore, establishing special industry-partnered laboratories, Centre(s) of Excellence for specialized learning, creative thinking and interdisciplinary research. Our graduates become great thinkers and idea-leaders and develop new processes, products and technologies that enhance intellectual life and ensure our future endeavors. Our international educational practices and learning are enabling our campus as a favorable recruitment destination for top MNCs.

Once again, I welcome you to this place of learning, and I wish you an unappareled educational experience and success in fulfilling your career dreams.

 Prof. Pranveer Singh
 Pro Vice-Chancellor
 Assam down town University

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