Guwahati (ancient name, Pragjyotishpura), is the largest city of the state, Assam and also of the entire North Eastern Region of India. It is situated on the southern banks of the mighty river, Brahmaputra. Dotted with ancient temples, Guwahati is also known as the ‘City of Temples’.It is one of the fastest developing cities of India. According to a survey done by a UK media outlet, Guwahati is among the 100 fastest growing cities of the world, and is the 5th fastest growing city in India.

Guwahati is one of the major cities of Eastern India, with a population of over 15 lakhs. It is considered to be the “gateway” of the North East India. The capital of Assam, Dispur, is located within the heart of the city. Guwahati is a major commercial and educational hub of Assam and the north-eastern region of India. One can find an array of options for higher seat of learning in the city. Educational Institutions are offering the best of courses at par with the national and International standards.

Being one of the most rapidly growing cities in India, it has experienced a steep rise in population during the past few decades. Guwahati is well connected to all the towns and cities of the North-East-Region as well as the rest of the country by means of road, rail and air services. It has now started international flight services to countries like Bhutan, Bangkok and Thailand. LGB Airport is fast developing into a major international air hub. The city offers all modern facilities. It has ample eateries including many national and international food chains, entertainment zones, amusement parks, multiplexes and shopping malls with the best of retailing names. It is the hub of commercial and trading activities in the region. It is bustling with all major national and international companies, banks, hotels, hospitals. Besides commercial activities, the city hosts a variety of cultural activities at regular intervals. The city is home to a number of libraries, theatres and galleries showcasing the rich heritage of the cultural diversity of the region. Slowly but steadily it is emerging as one of the major tourist destinations of the country.


Maa kamakhya Temple

Maa kamakhya Temple


Assam state museum

Guwahati Regional Science Museum

Guwahati War Memorial


Kaziranga National Park

Pabitora National Park

Umium Lake



Manas National Park

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