Dr. Ananta Choudhury

Dr. Ananta Choudhury


  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science


Name: Specialization:
Dr. Ananta Choudhury Pharmaceutics


Qualifiation School/ College/University
PhD Completed  PhD from Chhattishgarh Swami Vivekanad technical Univeristy, Bhilai in the year 2019
M.Pharm Completed Masters in Pharmacy (M.Pharm) from Himalayan Pharmacy,  Institute, Majhitar, Sikkim. under the University of North Bengal, in the year 2007
B.Pharm Completed Bachelor of Pharmacy (B.Pharm) from Himalayan Pharmacy Institute Majhitar, Sikkim.under the University of North Bengal in the year 2005
Class XII Completed Higher Seconday education in Science from Jalpaiguri Higher Seconday School, Jalpaiguri, Under West bengal Council of Higher Seconday Education, West Bengal in the year 2001
Class-X Completed Seconday Education from Phanindra Dev Institution, Jalpaiguri, under the West Bengal Board of Seconday Education, West Bengal in the year 1999.

Personal Interest

playing games / Bike Riding

Working Experience

Designation College/University Duration  of service Responsibilities  Total working Experience (Years )
Lecturer GRY Institute of Pharmacy, M.P. 2007-2011 Class room teaching & other relavent activities assigned time to time  04
Asst. Professor Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur, C.G. 2011-2017 Class room teaching, Prooject guidence for UG, PG  & Examination co-ordinator 06
Associate Professor Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science, AdtU. July 2017- till date Teaching, Faculty Co-ordinator, Departmental Examination Co-ordinator, Supervison of UG, PG research project   07



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Publication of Books

  1. Ananta Choudhury, Design & Development of Floating Drug Delivery System, ISBN 13: 978-613-8-56481-2, Scholar Press. International book market service ltd.
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Awards & Achievements

  1. AICTE Sponsored National Seminar on “Quality Perspectives of Herbal Cosmetics” poster presented onFormulation and Development Poly Herbal Anti-Dandruff Shampoo” at Pt. Ravishankar Shukla University, Raipur.
  2. National Seminar On “Herbal Drug Development –Trends & Future Prospects In Sikkim Himalayan Region” participated as delegate, at Himalayan Institute of Pharmacy, Sikkim (4th  Nov’ 2008 )
  3. National Seminar “Research and Education in Pharmaceutical Science” poster presented on “Preparation and characterization of ranitidine hydrochloride floating tablet for oral controlled release, at GRY institute of Pharmacy, Borawan, khargone, M.P.
  4. National Seminar on “Advance Approaches in Drug Designing and Drug Targeting” poster presented on “Effect of Gas Generating Agents on Sodium Alginate Floating Beads, at GRY Institute of Pharmacy, Borawan, Khargone, M.P.
  5. CGCOST sponsored National Seminar on “Expectation Of Industry From Academics” oral Presentation, at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (14th -15th Jan, 2012)
  6. CGCOST Sponsored National Seminar, Poster presentation on “Synergistic Activity of Antifungal Drugs” held at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (16-17h March, 2013)
  7. CGCOST Sponsored National Seminar on “Rules and Precincts of IPR and Regulatory Affairs for Indian Drugs” Poster presented on “Good Documentation Practice in Pharmacy” at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (29th & 30th  September, 2013)
  8. Poster presented at DST sponsored national seminar on “Investigation of ethano-medicinal plants used by ethnic group of Chhattisgarh” held at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (19th &20th October, 2013)
  9. AICTE sponsored national seminar on “Emerging trends and innovations in drug delivery and pharmaceutical sciences” Poster presented, at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy, Raipur (20th October, 2013)
  10. CGCOST sponsored National Seminar on “Pulsatile drug delivery system: A promising approach towards Chrono biological disease” Poster presented on the topic “Phyto-constituents a potential alternative in management of fungal disease”. at Columbia Institute of Pharmacy on 23rd-24th  August 2014
  11. CGCOST sponsored National Conference On “Inoculating Collaborative Research Between Different Branches of Pharmacy And Allied Sciences”,  Poster presented on “Development and optimization of fluconazole mucoadhesive gel for vaginal Candiasis”at,2nd- 4th September 2014
  12. International Conference on “Frontiers in Pharmaceutical Science & Research”. Presented poster “Design and development of mucoadhesive gel for wide range of vaginal infections”, at 11th and 12th Oct 2014.
  13. INSA New Delhi, Sponsored National Conference on “Nanoscience and Nanotechnology” oral presentation on “Scope and importance of vaginal drug delivery system” at shri Shankaracharya Technical Campus, Bhilai (8th Nov 2014)
  14. National seminar on “Translational research on natural products for therapeutic uses”, poster presented on Role of bioactive phytochemicals in the treatment management of cancer: an approach for promising alternatives” held at Biotech park, November 2017.
  15. DST & CGCOST sponsored Pharmsci, Frontier In Pharmaceutical Science and Research:An International Conference, E-poster presented on “Preparation and evaluation of a novel vagino-adhesive antifungal gel” held on sept 2017.
  16. National Seminar on “Challenges and recent trends in drug delivery and Drug targeting, sponsored by MPDST, poster presented on “Role of Bioactive Phytochemicals in Synergistic Antimicrobial Activity”, held at GRY Institute of Pharmacy, on November 2018.
  17. IPA Annual Convention 2018 poster presented onSynergistic antifungal activity of bioactive phytochemical in combination with standard antifungal drugs”, held at Odisha, November 2018
  18. ADTU PHARMACON 2019 oral presentation on “Development and characterization oral antidiabetic formulation using functional polysaccharides obtain from natural sources”, held at Faculty of Pharmaceutical science, Assam down town University.