Dr. Indrani Barman

Dr. Indrani Barman

Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Science


Name: Specialization:
Dr. Indrani Barman Biochemistry



Completed Ph.D in Biochemistry from Assam down town University


First class 2nd position in Master of Science in Biochemistry from Annamalai University, Tamil Nadu.


First class with Distinction in Diploma in Food and Nutrition from Annamalai University Distance Education, Tamil Nadu.


First class in Bachelor of Science (Honours) in Biochemistry from North Eastern Hill University, Shillong.


First division in AISSCE from Gurukul Grammar Senior Secondary School, Guwahati, Assam.


First division in AISSE from Maharishi Vidya Mandir Public School, Guwahati, Assam.


Personal Interest

Dancing, listening to music, internet surfing.

Working Experience





September 2013-Present

Assam down town University

Assistant Professor

Teaching, Research, Assistant Examination Officer-in-Charge,Programme Coordinator



1. Barman I, Barman K, Purohit MM, Choudhury M, Choudhury AK and Choudhury MK. A study of mental stress and antioxidant profile in the Assamese-speaking diabetic population of Assam, India. International Journal of Diabetes in Developing  Countries.(2015) 35(S2).

2.         Barman I and Sarma MP. MyD88 and Cancer.Exploratory Research and Hypothesis in Medicine.2016. 1(1):29-33.

         3.Gogoi J, Barman I and Murrey E. Journey of capsicum from wild chili to world hottest chili (naga king chili). International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences .2018. 8(3): 835-840.

         4.  Barman I, Gogoi J and Dutta AM. Rapid staining for isolation of fungal endophytes from leaves of four chili varieties of Assam. International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. 2018.8(2): 634-638.

          5.  Talukdar N, Das K, Barman I. A Review on Ethanobotanical Survey of Medicinal Plants Available in North-East              India against Microbes Involved in Diabetic Foot Ulcer. J Diabetol. 2021;12:128-33.

          6. Barman I, Gogoi J, Dutta AM. Molecular characterization of yeast endophyte isolated from leaves of Capsicum                  assamicum of Assam and screening for its cellulase and lipase enzymes. International Journal of Botany                          Studies. 2021; 6(3): 362-366.

           7. Talukdar N, Ahmed MU, Barman I, Kalita PP. Extraction of pesticide residues from cauliflower collected from                      cultivators and its nutraceutical analysis.2021. 6(4): 369-371


Bhattacharya BK, Kalita K, Kakoti P, Barman I, Sarmah P and Gogoi J. Screening for Reduction Potential of some Medicinal Plants for Green Nanoparticles synthesis. International Conference on Harnessing the Sub Himalayan plant Diversity for Human Welfare organized by Dibrugarh University (P6, page no.62)

Gogoi J, Suokhrie K and Barman I (2017) Effect of Green Synthetic Iron Nanoparticles on Genotoxicity and Hemolysis. National Seminar on “Science and Technology for Human Welfare” Held on 27th February 2017 at IASST, Assam.


  • Oral presentation entitled “ Effect of Soil condition on Diversity of Fungal Endophytic Microflora and capsaicin Content of Chili plant” at National seminar on Recent advances in Bio-Sciences and Annual General Meeting of Zoological Society Of Assam [O-804,pg no.146], (2018).
  • Poster presented entitled “Diversity of fungal endophytes from Various Chili Varieties of Assam at the National Seminar on Science and technology for Human Welfare, 62nd Annual Technical Session of Assam Science Society organized by IASST (2017)
  • Presented a poster entitled “Comparative antibacterial analysis of Citrus grandis fruit and biosynthesized metallic nanoparticles” in the three days International Conference on Nano Science and Technology held at Pune(2016)
  • Presented the Students’ Symposium on “Stem Cells” at UGC-SAP sponsored National Conference on Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Diseases: Intervention with Natural Products organized by 22nd Annual scientific Meet of the Society of Biological Chemists [India], Annamalainagar Chapter (2012).


  • Participated at a National Conference on Emerging Trends in the Area of Biosciences organized by Department of Life Science, Assam Don Bosco University.
  • Participated in Two days Awareness Program on Intellectual property Rights sponsored by Ministry of Electronics and Information Technologyand organized by Assam down town University
  • Attended one day symposium on “Application of Statistics in Industry”organized by Minitab Qsutra and Assam down town University.
  • Attended another two days national Conference on “Recent Developments in Medical   Biotechnology and Structure Based Drug Designing” at IIT,Ghy.
  • Participated in All India survey on Higher Education (AISHE) sponsored Seminar on Recent Advances in Health Sciences organized by Assam down town University.
  • Participated as a Young Scientist in the National Seminar on “Biodiversity-Exploration, Conservation &Utilisation Of Plant Resources With SpecialReference To North East India” organized by North East Biological Consortium, for 2 days on the project entitled “Lipid Analysis of Bora Rice”.
  • Attended the National Conference on “Recent Trends in Phytotherapy Research” in Department of Biochemistry & Biotechnology, Annamalaiuniversity (5th march, 2011).
  • Attended the National Conference on Molecular and Cellular Mechanisms of Diseases: Intervention with Natural Products organized by Society of Biological Chemists [India].
  • Participated in the UGC-SAP, Placement Cell and Biochemical Society sponsored Workshop on “Science Career Development (SCD-2012).


  • Completed 4 days hands on training on FT-IR and HPLC at Guwahati Biotech Park, IIT Guwahati.
  • Completed Training and Exposure to ongoing R&D activities and Instrumentation facilities at CSIR-NEIST,Jorhat


Awards & Achievements

  • Awarded Second Prize for Academic Excellence during the period 2009-2011 by Society of Biological Chemists [India], Annamalainagar Chapter.
  • Awarded the Best Department for the academic year 2014-15 among all the departments of the University for the outstanding dedicated service in the interest of the university,AdtU.
  • 5th ranking at the REGIONAL LEVEL of CBSE–INTEL SCIENCE EXHIBITION for the Research on “Substantial Instant Food Mix for Children.”
  • The project “SUBSTANTIAL INSTANT FOOD MIX FOR CHILDREN- NUTRIMIX” has been included in the National Register of Grassroots Technological Innovations/Traditional knowledge at National Innovation-  Foundation (NIF), Ahmedabad.