Dr. Jyotchna Gogoi

Dr. Jyotchna Gogoi

Associate Professor

  • Faculty of Science


Name: Specialization:
Dr. Jyotchna Gogoi Bioactive principles of Plant and Microbial origin, Proximate Analysis of food sources, Sustainable development



Name of the examination

Board/ University

Year of passing


10th Exam




12th Exam





Gauhati University



Post Graduation

HNB Garhwal University



Ph D

Dibrugarh University



Personal Interest

Like to learn new things with day to day basis experiences and also like to read articles related to Archeology and North East India Historical discoveries

Working Experience



Organization Name

Duration (Time period)

Associate Professor

Assam down town University, Guwahati

1st Sept 2018- till date

Assistant Professor

Assam down town University

19th Nov 2013 – 31st Aug 2018

Research Fellow

Defence Research Laboratory, Tezpur

22nd Oct 2009 – 21st Oct 2013


Regional College of Higher Education, Hatigaon Guwahati

19th Sept 2008 – 19th Oct 2009

Quality Chemist

Emami Pvt Limited, Amingaon Guwahati

1st Nov 2007 – 26th Aug 2008


Publication Details

A) Papers 

  1. Gogoi J, Nakhuru KS, Rai AK, Chattophadhayay, Gogoi HK, Singh L (2012) Antimicrobial and free radical scavenging activities of crude extract and fractions from the tuberous root of Mirabilis jalapa L. South Asian Journal of Experimental Biology 2(5): 209-216.
  2. Gogoi J, Nakhuru KS, Chattophadhayay P, Rai AK, Gogoi HK, Veer V (2013) In vivo Evaluation of Cutaneous Wound Healing Activity of Mirabilis jalapa L radix. Oriental Pharmacy and Experimental Medicine 14(2): 103-109.
  3. Gogoi J, Nakhuru KS, Goyary D, Rai AK, Chattopadhayay, Veer V (2014) Effects of Tuberous Root of Mirabilis Jalapa L. on Antioxidant Systems of Wound Healing in Rat. International Journal of Phytopharmacology 5(5): 335-341.
  4. Gogoi J, Nakhuru KS, Chattopadhayay P, Rai AK, Veer V (2014) Hypertrophic Scar Formation on Application of Terpenoid Fraction of Tuberous Root of Mirabilis jalapa Linn. in Excision Wound Model on Wistar Albino Rat. International Scholarly Research Notices http://dx.doi.org/10.1155/2014/583730.
  5. Banerjee S, Chattopadhyay P, Ghosh Animesh, Pathak MP, Gogoi J, Veer V (2014) Protection by A Transdermal Patch Containing Eserine and Pralidoxime Chloride for Prophylaxis Against (±)-Anatoxin A poisoning in rats. European Journal Pharmaceutical Science 56: 28-36.
  6. Purkasyastha MD, Gogoi J, Kalita D, Chattopadhyay P, Nakhuru KS, Goyary D, Mahanta CL (2014) Physicochemical and Functional Properties of Rapeseed Protein Isolate: Influence of Antinutrient Removal with Acidified Organic Solvents from Rapeseed Meal. Journal of Agriculture and Food Chemistry 62 (31): 7903–7914
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  8. Nakhuru KS, Gogoi J, Pfoze NL, Chattopadhyay P, Veer V (2014) Comparative Studies on Phytoconstituents, Total Phenolic Content and Free Radical Scavenging Potential of Some of the Traditionally Used Medicinal plants of North East India. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Science Review and Research. 2014, 29(1): 166-170.
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  10. Nakhuru KS, Gogoi J, Chattopadhyay P, Gogoi HK. In Vitro Antimicrobial Potential of Potentilla polyphylla Wall. E. Lehm. Taproot Extract against Human Pathogens. P- ISSN: 2149-2018 Appl Med Res, 2016 2(2): 27-30.
  11. Sarmah P, Kobing N, Gogoi J, Dutta AM. In vitro anthelminthic and anti-amylase properties of Garcinia pedunculata Roxb ethanolic extract. International Journal of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. ISSN: 0975-1491, 2017, 9(1): 189-191.
  12. Barman I, Gogoi J, Dutta AM. Rapid Staining for Isolation of Fungal Endophytes from Leaves of Four Chili Varieties of Assam. International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. 2018 8(2): 634-638.
  13. Gogoi J, Barman I and Murrey E. Journey of Capsicum from wild Chili to World Hottest Chili (Naga King Chili). International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. 2018 8(3): 835-840.
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  15. Barman I, Gogoi J and Dutta AM. Rapid staining for isolation of fungal endophytes from leaves of four chili varieties of Assam. International Journal of Pharmacy and Biological Sciences. 2018 8(2) - 634-638.

  16. Singh V , Bhattacharjya DK , Gogoi J. Phytorestoratives against irregular menstrual cycle and painful menstruation in Barpeta district of Assam (India). 

  17. Das K, Gogoi J, Dutta P. Effect of Garlic and Ginger aqueous extract on mitotic index of onion root tips grown in pesticide containing water. International Journal of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Research. 12(2): 988-990.


B) Conferences/ Seminars’ Abstracts

  1. Gogoi J, Nakhuru KS, Gogoi HK, Singh L, Rai AK (2010) Comparative studies of antioxidant activity, total phenolic content and phytochemical analysis of Mirabilis jalapa L, Solanum indicum L and Paederia foetida L. National seminar “Medicinal Plant and Microbe Diversity and their Pharmaceuticals” pp: 56
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  10.  Das K, Dutta P and Gogoi J (2018) Chronic Dose study of Residual Pesticide from Apple and Grapes in Allium cepa model and IR characterization. Frontiers in Chemical Sciences Department of Chemistry, IIT, Guwahati.
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  12. Dutta P, Das K and Gogoi J (2019) Relationship between Natural Plant wax and Residual Pesticides Content of few Fruits and vegetables. Regional Seminar on Science for Sustainable Development. Organized by Department of Chemistry, B. Borooah College, Guwahati.
  13. Das K, Dutta P and Gogoi J (2019) Effect of Aqueous Extract of Garlic And Ginger on Mitotic Index Of Onion Root Tips Grown In Pesticide Containing Water. International Conference on Changing Environment: Understanding the Emerging Challenges and their Management Strategies. Organized by Zoology Department, Kalindi College, University of Delhi.

Awards & Achievements

1. Completed 1yr DBT Foldscope project (March 2018-Sept 2019).

2. Cleared SLET 2019 and ICAR NET 2019

3. Organised: One symposium cum workshop on “Use of Foldscope in field Research”

4. Got 2nd prize in poster presentation in National Conference “Recent Developments in Health, Hygiene and Environment”

5. Passed Maths Olympiad exam of Class 9 and 10

6. Passed UNESCO exam for Class 5 and 6