Mr. Kishore Medhi

Assistant Professor

Faculty of Computer Technology

Pursuing PhD in the Department of Information Technology, North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong.

MTech(IT), North-Eastern Hill University, Shillong.


Image Processing, IoT, Machine Learning

Assistant Professor in Department of CSE, MIT Shillong, from 2019- 2020.

1. Medhi K, Hoque N, Dutta SK, and Hussain MI, ”An efficient EEG signal classification technique for Brain-Computer Interface using hybrid Deep”, Published in Biomedical Signal Processing and Control, ELSEVIER, 2022 July 11. (SCIE Indexed, IF: 5.076).

2. Medhi K, Ahmed N, Hussain MI, ”Dew-based offline computing architecture for healthcare IoT”, Published in ICT Express, , ELSEVIER, 2021 Sep 22. (SCIE Indexed, IF: 4.754).

3. Medhi K, Khwairakpam A, Kumar VD, Kandar D, ”Noise Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Convolutional Neural Network”, Published in Journal of Computational and Theoretical Nanoscience. 2018 Aug 1;15(8):2572-6.(Scopus)

4. Medhi K, Hussain MI. Lightweight arrhythmia detection using cross-correlation. In2021 4th International Conference on Recent Trends in Computer Science and Technology (ICRTCST) 2022 Feb 11 (pp. 296-301). IEEE.

5. Medhi K, Arifuzzaman Mondal M, Hussain I, ”An Approach to Handle Heterogeneous Healthcare IoT Data Using Deep Convolutional Neural Network”, In Emerging Technologies for Smart Cities 2021 (pp. 25-31). Springer, Singapore.

6. Medhi K, Jamil M, Hussain MI, ”Automatic detection of COVID-19 infection from chest x-ray using deep learning”, medrxiv. 2020 Jan 1.

7. Amitab K, Medhi K, Kandar D, Paul BS, ”Impulse noise reduction in digital images using fuzzy logic and artificial neural network”, In Proceedings of the International Conference on Computing and Communication Systems 2018 (pp. 155-165). Springer, Singapore.

8. Medhi K, Amitab K, Kandar D, Paul BS, ”Noise Reduction in Synthetic Aperture Radar Images Using Fuzzy and Self-Organizing Map”, In Advances in Communication, Devices and Networking 2018 (pp. 295-301). Springer, Singapore.


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