Dr. Jithendar Reddy Mandhadi

Dr. Jithendar Reddy Mandhadi

Assistant Professor

  • Faculty of Pharmaceutical Science


Name: Specialization:
Dr. Jithendar Reddy Mandhadi Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Ph.D. from PAHERU, Udaipur, Rajasthan in 2020

M Pharm from Krupanidhi College of Pharmacy, RGUHS, Bangalore in 2012

B Pharmacy from Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, Kakatiya University, Telangana in 2010

Intermediate (Bi.P.C) from Target Jr. College, Guntur, AP, in 2005

S.S.C from Kakatiya High School, Jammikunta, Karimnagar, Telangana in 2003


Personal Interest

Reading Books, Listening Music

Working Experience

I worked as an Professor in Srinivas College of Pharmacy, Mangalore, Karnataka from 23-08-2012 to 30-06-2015

I Worked as Assistant Professor in Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, Telangana state from21-09-2015 to 13-11-2021.

Working as Assistant Professor in ADTU, Guwhati, Assam from 22-11-2021 till the date



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  1. Participated as a delegate in workshop on Basic data Science in Pharmacoepidemiology organized by Pharmacy Literacy club, Department of Pharmacy, Manipal College of Pharmaceutical Sciences, MAHE, Manipal from March 25-29/2022.
  2. Conducted a program as a Program Coordinator and participated in National level training cum Certification Program on the Artificial Intelligence in Health Care organized by Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, in collaboration with Zonal Championship at Mood Indigo IIT Bombay event held from 17-19th Feb-2020.
  3. Participated in one day workshop about Good Pharmacy Practice Held at VIPS, Karimnagar organized by NIPER, Balanagar, Hyderabad on 23rd Aug-2019
  4. QIP-Refresher Course attended on ‘’Basic Principles and Research Advancements in Life Sciences and Pharmaceutical Sciences’’ held at JNTU-Hyderabad from 22-01-2018 to 12-02-2018 sponsored by UGC.
  5. CEP (Continuous Education Programme) attended on Inspirational Teaching Methods and Research in Pharmaceutical Sciences held at JNTU-Hyderabad organized by Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences, IST from 20-06-2018 to 30-06-2018.


  1. Participated in a Three Day National Webinar on “Recent Trends in Pharmaceutics and Novel Drug Delivery Systems” organized by Dept. of Pharmaceutics (MPH), Shri Vishnu College of Pharmacy (Autonomous), Bhimavaram, Andhra Pradesh, on 21s t to 23rd March, 2022
  2. Participated in the International Webinar on ‘Tablet Tooling Standards & Options’ on 23rd March 2022 Organized by the Department of Pharmaceutics, ABMRCP, Bengaluru
  3. Presented a Poster on Method Development and Validation of Gallic and Ellagic acid in Ashwagandhaaristam session at 4th International Conference on Innovations in Pharma Industry, Education and Research (IPER-2020) held on 27th & 28th Feb 2020 at school of Pharmacy, Anurag Group of Institutions, Hyderabad, TS 
  4. Participated as a delegate and attended the scientific sessions with a Theme: Connecting Pharmaceutical Sciences and Knowledge Advancement of the 2nd Pharmaceutical Sciences Congress-2019 organized by St. Peter’s Institute of Pharmaceutical Sciences, Warangal, TS on 1st &2nd November 2019
  5. Presented poster on Evolution of Anticancer activity for Novel substituted Thiosemicarbazide and Semicarbazide derivatives of Pyrimidine at/in Pharmaceutical Development Process and Regularity Affairs organized by Anurag Group of Institutions (Formerly Lalitha College of Pharmacy), Hyderabad, TS, India during 16th-17th Mar-2018.
  6. Participated as delegate in Two Day National Conference Emerging Trends and Innovations in Pharmaceutical Sciences-2017 held at JNTU-Hyderabad on 12th -13th October-2017 organized by Center for Pharmaceutical Sciences, IST
  7. Presented poster on Evolution of Antioxidant and Antihyperglucemic activity of semicarbazide derivatives of pyrimidine in 2nd International Pre-conference workshop on Pharmacovigilance Adverse Drug Monitoring and Orphan Drugs with training on Vigiflow Software in collaboration with Indian Pharmacopoeia Commission Two Days National Seminar association with Nature & Concepts organized by Anurag Group of Institutions (Formerly Lalitha College of Pharmacy), Hyderabad, TS, India during 15th-16th Sept-2017.
  8. Presented poster on Pharmacological Evaluation of Root and Leaf Extracts of Dracaena Reflexa Var. Angustifolia in DST sponsored Two Days National Seminar associated with SARC organized by Vaageswari College of Pharmacy, Karimnagar, TS, India during 11th-12th Sept-2017.
  9. Participated in “One Day National Workshop Held in Spectrum Pharma Research Solutions, Hyderabad” on “Hands-on Training Troubleshooting Method Development and Validation Techniques in HPLC & UPLC” on 3rd Sept ’2017.
  10. Participated in IPC 68th – on CHROMATOGRAPHIC ANALYSIS AND VALIDATION OF BIOACTIVE MARKER IN AMRUTHARISTAM-A POLYHERBAL organized by Andhra University, Vishakapatnam, AP, India during the period of 16-18th Dec-2016.
  11. Presented in Indo American Pharmaceutical Regulatory Symposium – on Application of Biostatistics in Bioavailability and Bioequivalence Studies organized by Nalanda College of Pharmacy, Nalgonda, AP, India & College of Professional Studies, Northeastern University, the U.S.A. during the period of 12th-14th, October 2009


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  3. Dr. Jithendar Reddy Mandhadi, Narender Boggula, and Umadevi Racha. “A Practical Book of Medicinal Chemistry”. Integrated Publications, Delhi. (Accepted and Under Communication)
  4. Jithendar Reddy Mandhadi, Narender Boggula, Dr. M. Ram Mohan, Deepika B, Pharmaceutical Handbook of Advanced Pharmaceutical organic Chemistry. Taurus Publishers. ISBN: 978-81


  1. IPI on MEDICAL VIRTUAL REALITY DEVICE, Design Number: 360673-001, Inforce upto : 15/03/2032

Awards & Achievements

Received a grant of 5,00,000 rupees from RGUHS for the project work of “SYNTHESIS, CHARACTERIZATION AND BIOLOGICAL SCREENING OF SOME NOVEL PYRAZOLINE DERIVATIVES” in Mar-2015

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Assistant Professor and M. Pharmacy Research guide

Jawaharlal Nehru Technological University, Hyderabad.