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Master of Science in Biotechnology

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  • Advanced laboratory with sophisticated instruments.
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  • Expert Guidance for competitive exams like CSIR-NET, DBT-JRF, GATE etc.
  • Educational tours, seminars, workshops and interactive sessions with industry experts
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Programme Details

2 Years

Upto 100% Scholarship

100% Placement Assistance

Minimum 45% in


Programme Overview

M.Sc. in Biotechnology is a two-year postgraduate programme which deals with advanced study of the cellular and bimolecular processes for development of a variety of technologies and products contributing towards the sectors such as health, agriculture environment etc. Among other institutions those offer M.Sc. Biotechnology, this programme, at Assam down town University, is one of the multi-disciplinary fields with great demand in various applications in the field of research and development.

Programme Educational Outcomes
  • After the completion of the course, graduates will be able to pursue respectable employment in industry, agriculture, and applied research, all of which use biological systems.
  • Graduates will contribute to the application, advancement, and transmission of knowledge in interdisciplinary fields of biotechnology, addressing the growing demand for qualified scientific labour.
  • As an effective team member, graduates will demonstrate great professional skills, communication abilities, and ethical traits. in a globally competitive environment
  • Graduates will have the correct combination of innovative ability and entrepreneurship abilities, contributing to their own and national development.
  • Graduates will be aware of and responsive to societal requirements, as well as possess the initiative and critical thinking skills required to continuously increase their knowledge through lifelong learning.
Programme Outcomes
  • Scientific Knowledge: Enhance scientific knowledge and skills in various areas of Biotechnology such as Genetics, Molecular biology, Biochemistry, Immunology, Fermentation technology, Environmental Biotechnology and tissue culture techniques.
  • Laboratory skills: Develop skills with scientific, systematic experiential learning in respective field of study or discipline.
  • Analytical skill: Ability to understand and analyse problems relevant to socioeconomics, environmental, health etc.
  • Problem solving skills: Ability to find solutions to the problems and threats faced with the help of scientific research.
  • Proficiency: Develop proficiency in respective branch of science and scientific tools and equipment.
  • Communication skill: Develop communication skill to communicate among the peer and society to promote scientific thinking and research outcomes.
  • Professional ethics: Knowledge of professional ethics and their strict application in respective profession.
  • Research: Temperament to take up research as a career to develop new knowledge in thrust areas.
  • Social Responsibility: Sense of responsibility to do utmost possible for development of society by educating mass, solving problems, enhancing natural resources, removing superstitions and thereby contribution to nation building as a whole.
  • Environmental responsibility: Sense of responsibility to maintain ecological balance. To be able to develop sustainable eco-friendly approaches favouring livelihood of all the components of nature.
  • Life-long learning: Recognition of the need for, and an ability to engage in life-long learning in the context of biological science.
Programme Specific Outcomes
  • Competence for a career in Biotech companies as scientists or technicians in production, research, and development.
  • Demonstrate concepts and research approaches for a future profession in Biotechnology and develop their scientific interest.
  • Administer skills to understand the rationales behind various regulatory/legal bodies governing the R&D in the Biotechnology industry.
  • Exhibit in-depth practical expertise to students in many thrust areas of Biotechnology in order to fulfil worldwide industry and academic demands.
  • The ability to design aids in the development of solutions for complicated problems while taking into account public health and safety, as well as cultural, sociological, and environmental considerations.

Curriculum Details

Odd Semester

Even Semester

Odd Semester

Even Semester


Apply Scholarship through CST

CST- Common scholarship test is a national and international level online MCQ based examination funded for intellectual empowerment by Assam down town University.

CST- Maximum enrolment each year is 120 seats and any 10+2 students can apply.
Adtu is northeast India’s first placement driven university to provide 100% scholarship benefits worth 10 cr.

CST aims to inspire brilliant and competent students to pursue further education.
Accredited with a prestigious grade by NAAC, UGC and AICTE.

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This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university examination
95% & above 100% Scholarship on all semester
90%-94.9% 50% Scholarship on all semester
80%-89.9% 25% Scholarship on all semester
This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university exam
National & International Level 100% Scholarship on all semester
State Level 50% Scholarship on all semester
District Level 25% Scholarship on all semester
This scholarship is valid on the basis of the board/university exam
National & International Level 100% Scholarship on all semester
State Level 50% Scholarship on all semester
District Level & NCC Certificate Holder 25% Scholarship on all semester
A 50% scholarship on total semester fees is provided to all specially abled students.
A 100% scholarship on the last semester fee is provided to all the alumni of Assam down town University
A 100% scholarship on total semester fee for Economically Backward Classes

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