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Assam down town University's Chancellor's Lecture Series with Prof. Bhanu Pratap Chowdhury, Emeritus Professor of the Texas A&M University of USA.

Date- 14th Mar 2024

The 22nd lecture of the series organised by the Directorate of Research has been delivered by Prof. Bhanu Pratap Chowdhury, who discussed research difficulties and concerns, as well as the ways required for conducting research in order for universities to acquire the necessary standings. When speaking in-depth about the topic of "Research as the basis for university progression and high-quality student learning," Prof. Chowdhury stressed the importance of turning universities into research-intensive establishments and elaborated on the issues that need to be resolved in order to move these institutions up to the next level of excellence.

The university was delighted to host Prof. Bhanu Pratap Chowdhury, whose expertise and insights enriched the Chancellor's Lecture Series, inspiring faculty members and students alike on the path towards academic excellence.