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Assam down town University successfully hosted National Symposium on Astronomy and Space Technology 2024, a dynamic gathering aimed at exploring the depths of the cosmos and advancements in space exploration.

Date- 06th Mar 2024

The chief guest and plenary speaker, Prof. (Dr.) Dhruba J. Saikia from TLC and NRC, IUCAA, as well as the keynote speaker, Prof. Biman J. Medhi from Gauhati University, and Mr. Manash Protim Sarma from Guwahati Planetarium, were all warmly welcomed to the event.

Prof. (Dr) Narayan Talukdar, the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor, spoke on the university's commitment to instilling a love of space exploration in its students. Prof. (Dr) Dhruba led the technical lectures, which delved into the complexities of radio astronomy and broadened our understanding of the universe. Prof. Biman led guests on an enlightening tour of several astronomical telescopes, explaining how they work and how they contribute to understanding the secrets of space.

Additionally, all attendees proceeded to the Astronomy View Point atop J Block, AdtU, where they were greeted by Mr. Manash Protim Sarma from Guwahati Planetarium and his awaiting reflecting telescope, which provided breathtaking views of the universe. The interaction between professionals and amateurs created a rich learning atmosphere, with participants admiring celestial beauties such as the Seven Sisters, Betelgeuse, Sirius, Nebula and Jupiter and its 4 moons.

As the symposium concluded, Prof. (Dr) TVVLN Rao, Dean i/c, Faculty of Engineering, expressed heartfelt gratitude to all participants, emphasising the priceless knowledge provided during the event. The National Symposium on Astronomy and Space Technology 2024 serves as a light of enlightenment, moving us towards a better understanding of the universe and our place in it.