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Assam down town University celebrates National Science Day with Enthusiasm and Innovation!

Date- 28th Feb 2024

The event, themed 'Indigenous Technologies for Vikshit Bharat', drew 88 AdtU students and 40 school students from three adopted communities. Dr. T.V.V.L.N. Rao and the Hon'ble Vice Chancellor graced the inauguration, which emphasised the importance of science in contemporary society and encouraged students to embrace creativity and independence. Simultaneously, an Innovative Idea Competition demonstrated the creative abilities of AdtU's staff and students. Champion individuals Krishna Moni Das and Dr. Bandana Saikia demonstrated the university's dedication to supporting an innovative culture. Following his inspirational lecture, Prof. Suresh Deka encouraged the audience to learn more about the frontiers of scientific inquiry. The celebration came to an end with awards and congratulations, perfectly capturing the essence of excellence and teamwork.