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On the vibrant campus premises of AdtU, a dynamic collaboration between the Faculty of Science and the Institution's Innovation Council (IIC) sparked a culinary revolution through the "Innovative food product/salad competition".

Date- 01st Mar 2024

Spearheaded by Ms. Jasmin Islam and Dr. Daisy Sharma, the competition showcased the ingenuity of six teams comprising students from Food Nutrition and Dietetics and Hotel Management programmes. Distinguished guests, including Mr. Plabon Phukan, Founder and Life Skills Trainer, and Mrs. Rulee Phukan, Director (of EHTOS FILMS), graced the event. Mrs. Ritismita Devi, Assistant Director Events, AdtU, and Dr. Bhola Chourasia, Associate Professor, AdtU's Hospitality and Tourism Programme, judged the competition together.

The competition highlighted a mix of taste and nutrition, with inventive dishes and visually appealing salads. Participants highlighted the health benefits and nutritional value of their dishes with dynamic demonstrations and stimulating debates. The event culminated triumphantly with the awarding of cash awards and certificates, following a lively question-and-answer session. This platform not only encouraged creativity but also allowed students to investigate the financial viability of their culinary ideas.