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B.Sc in OT Technology

What is this Programme about?

Operation Theatre Technology courses are job oriented. Operation Theatre Technicians are allied healthcare professionals. Their tasks include assisting Doctors in Surgery, arranging surgical instruments before surgery, sterilizing instrumentation before surgery, cleaning surgical instruments after surgery, carrying out Surgeons’ commands during surgery and taking care of anaesthesia equipment.

In short, OT Technicians work at Operation Theatre of hospitals, Intensive Care Units as well as Emergency Departments. Their main task is to assist Doctors and Surgeons during surgery or emergency procedures. Under the setup of a hospital, Operation Theatre technicians are usually part of a team that consists of Doctors, nurses and other allied healthcare professionals. OT Technology courses mentioned above trains students in aspects like surgical procedures, surgical instruments, anaesthesia equipment & dose, patient monitoring and OT Ethics.

Course Duration - 3 Years 



How this Programme Benefit you & your Career?

Healthcare sector is going through a phase of growth. This sector, to function efficiently, will need more qualified allied healthcare professionals. Operation Theatres in hospitals, Emergency Care Departments as well as ICUs in hospitals are places where OT Technicians are needed. For any operation theatre to function smoothly, OT Technicians are needed. We all give credit to Doctors and nurses for saving patients’ lives by performing operations. Yes, they do deserve the credit. But OT technicians, who are part of the team, also deserve credit.


Programme Contents:

Semester Subjects
1st Anatomy – 1
Physiology – 1
Biochemistry – 1
English – 1
Hospital duty & Patient care- 1
2nd Anatomy – 2
Physiology – 2
Biochemistry – 2
English – 2
Hospital duty & Patient care- 2
3rd Patient Assessment, Venous access & Drug administration
Airway Management & Respiratory Emergencies
Micobiology – I
Applied Pharmacology – I
4th Cardiovascular & Neurological Emergency Management
Microbiology – II
Pharmacology – II
5th Introduction to OT technology - 1
OT technology (Clinical) – 1
OT technology (Applied) – 1
OT technology (Advanced) – 1
6th Introduction to OT technology – 2
OT technology (Clinical) – 2
OT technology (Applied) – 2
OT technology (Advanced) – 2



The students of B.Sc in OT Technology have Represented AdtU in SAPCON 2020 (International Conference of Emergency care professionals)  held in Chennai on 6th - 8th March 2020.


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