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Translational Drug discovery: Current trends and future interventions

About Assam

Assam, a state in Northeast India, is situated to the south of the eastern Himalayas along the Brahmaputra and Barak River valleys. It consist of a varied number of indigenous people of different ethnic group. Assam is known for Assam tea and Assam silk and also for the conservation of the one horned Indian rhinoceros. Assam is one of the richest biodiversity zones in the world and consists of tropical rainforests deciduous forests, riverine grasslands,bamboo orchards and numerous wetlandecosystems; many are now protected as national parks and reserved forests.

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In Asociation With

The Society Of Biological Chemists (India)

The Society Of Biological Chemists, India (SBC) was founded in the year 1930 in order to meet the urgent need of scientists working in the emerging discipline of biological chemistry.

Tea Research Association, Tocklai

The Tea Research Association (TRA), Tocklai was established in the year 1964. This establishment expanded the horizon of tea research to cover the entire Northeast India.