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The Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Assam down town university has demonstrated five innovative products at the “Conclave on transforming Meghalaya state through science and technology interventions" organised by North East Centre for Technology Application Research (NECTAR) in Shillong. Three of the products displayed, namely Solar drier, meat smoker and solar grain drier were developed with financial support from North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC). The other two innovations: crop shredder and multifunctional seed sowing machine were solely developed by the Faculty of Engineering & Technology, Assam down town University. The products displayed were Argo based to transform traditional technique through advanced science & technology interventions. The main objective of the conclave was to share the product concepts to prospective start-up companies. A team from the Faculty of Engineering and Technology including faculty members and students represented AdtU in the two-day Conclave.

Prof Sunandan Baruah, Dean E&T, Dean Research
Mr Manash J Borah, Assistant prof, Mechanical Engg & Research Officer
Mr Arnab Sarkar, Research Associate

Students Team (Mechanical engg):
Prahlad Baruah
Partha Paul
Deepjyoti Pathak
Dhan Kalita

About the Products:

  1. Electrical nano Smoker: The Smoker is developed jointly by Assam down town University (AdtU) and North Eastern Regional Agricultural Marketing Corporation Limited (NERAMAC). The machine has been developed to provide a smoky flavour as well as a preservative for different meats like pork, Chicken Or fish by generating smoke inside the machine. Smoking is a traditional process of flavouring, cooking, or preserving food by exposing it to the smoke from burning or smouldering plant materials like wood and that too hardwood. However the traditional way of smoking can lead to the formation of carcinogens and prolonged exposure can cause cancer of the stomach, skin, lungs and others. Therefore, this machine was developed to avoid the implications associated with traditional smoking and also promote for commercialisation of food processing businesses. The traditional way of smoking also takes a long time (at least 2 weeks) to complete the process whereas the designed machine as shown in figure 1 will take a maximum of 2 hours depending on the various parameters. The machine is designed for commercial purpose which has the capacity to smoke 60 kg of meat/ Fish in one batch. The loss in weight is typically 10-15% as compared to almost 30% in traditional smoking. The source of heating is electric where the temperature limit is up to 100 º C.

  2. Solar Drier: North East Region is a Bio-Diversity Hot Spot of the World and due to its exotic ecosystem has evolved rich flora and fauna. However, most of the fruits or vegetables are wasted or are sold at throwaway prices due to a lack of primary processing, storage, conversion to products etc. These processors are desired to be placed at the household level to imbibe a culture of value addition at the farm gate. This will help aggregation and marketing at a scaled up level. The solar drier has been designed with antibacterial nano coating so that the food dried cannot be infected by bacteria or fungus during the drying process. The heat is transferred in the drying chamber by the process of free convention from the heat collector. The size of the Dryer cabinet is 24” x 24” x 30” consisting of 5 drying trays with a capacity of 15 kg grains. The cabinet can be scaled up depending on the requirement. The maximum working temperature is 90º C which can be monitored in the screen which is run by a chargeable battery. An electrical heater of 900W is also equipped which can be used during an emergency. A 17.5 V solar panel is used to charge the battery which is connected with the sensors and monitoring screen

  3. Solar Grain Drier:  Rice is the most important food crop of the developing world and the staple food of Assam and other states. India is the world's second-largest producer of rice but Assam still cannot produce quality rice despite vast tracts of fertile land and the existence of commercial viability of agriculture in the North-Eastern states. According to FCI, the meagre procurement of Assam rice is that it has higher moisture content as FCI recommended maximum moisture content of 17%, but moisture content in Assam rice is 22%. Mr Rajesh Prasad, IAS, Principal Secretary to the Govt. of Assam, in a Horticulture Show in Bokakhat in January 2021, suggested the development of a drier for reducing moisture in Assam Rice. It may be mentioned that FCI doesn’t procure rice from Assam citing the issue of high moisture content. To overcome such problems while drying rice in Assam or northeastern states, forced convection based Solar Grain Drier has been designed as shown in Figure 3. The Size of the grain chamber is 2 ft × 6 ft × 5.5 ft with 8 drying trays with a capacity of 60 Kg in one batch. The goal of Solar Grain Drier is to reduce the moisture content in grains to meet the recommended levels for safe, long-term storage and movement. When placed in bins, the rice should be dried quickly to a moisture level of about 12% to minimize any quality deterioration.

  4. Crop Shredder: Conventional agro waste disposal is done by dumping the waste in a particular place for decomposition. Thus, this takes more time to decompose and causes environmental pollution. Also, in bio gas production waste disposal needs to be done in such a way that it decomposes at a faster rate. Thus, to meet these need this waste shredder machine aims to reduce the time in decomposition of waste products and eventually increasing the efficiency of bio gas production and decomposition (which can be used as fertilizer). This machine can also be used by farmers for animal husbandry of cattle feed. The shredding machine comprises of a AC MOTOR, The frame, cutter and input and output section that are made of metal sheet. The Crop shredder is designed to shred the crops, vegetable which can be used for composting and help in fast digestion.

  5. Multi-Purpose Seed Sowing Machine:  With the advancement in technology and being the fastest-growing economies in the world, there are still more than two-thirds of the Indian population that live in poverty and agriculture is the main source of income for their survival. Therefore, it is very important to focus on the farmers for rural areas as well as for the kitchen gardens in the cities. The product is named a Multifunctional Seed Sowing Machine, which is used for placing seeds in the soil at adjustable distance and depth for good germination of seeds. It has been observed through study that in a simple chain and belt drive transmission type of mechanisms, the distance between the seeds to be sowed is fixed and farmers get difficulty in controlling seed depth and maintaining recommended seed spacing. Therefore, the most important feature of the Multifunctional Seed Sowing Machine is that it can regulate the distance between the seeds as per the requirement of the plant along the sowing line, by using a novel derailleur gear mechanism. The machine also deals with a sprinkler system for a proper sprinkling of water to the seeds, a tillage system to make the soil fertile and a leveller system. Hence, this innovation summarizes the overall design and fabrication of seed sowing machine and their modification to reduce labour cost, labour time and human effort, reduce wastage of seeds, flexibility in the distance, increase efficiency and improve productivity in farming. It is an environmentally friendly farming method that preserves ecological balance.

  6. Lawn Mower

  7. E-Rickshaw

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