Prof. (Dr.) Dharmeswar Das

MVSc, PhD, Post Doc Commonwealth Fellow (Nottingham),
MRSH (London), C.Biol, MI Biol (UK), ISAG Scholar(Japan),
CIDA Scholar (Canada),

Chairman Research
Assam downtown University

The global scenario of the universities today is changing from straight forward tight jacket teaching-learning centres to dynamic institutions with the creation of the environment to be the centres of innovation through research. Assam downtown University is no exception. In this university the academics while imparting education in different faculties enhancing the career development prospects of the students, research activities are contributing to their capacity building and development of newer knowledge, technology and know-how which ultimately serve as the drivers of employment generation, growth and welfare of the society..

At AdtU, the faculty are encouraged to create knowledge through active research for good teaching as well as reinforcing the positive relationship between the two besides skill development and technology dissemination. In order to build a stronger base in the university towards research in different disciplines of the faculties viz, Science, Engineering and Technology, Paramedical Sciences, Pharmaceutical Sciences, Nursing, Finance and Management, Humanities and social sciences besides other upcoming fields of interest, the researchwing of the university works on planning, designing and guiding the faculty and students for the articulation of various research programs and projects in order to attract suitable funding from various agencies, proper implementation of the projects and research management.

As a part of the ongoing as well as new and strong initiatives ushered by the management of the university and administration lead by the Honourable Chancellor and the Vice-chancellor, the faculty members and project

researchers under the guidance of the research wing are able to continuously create an alternate scenario to place research and development effort in perspective towards the near future on a time scale. These approaches with well-thought strategies to encourage the faculty members and research scholars to infuse an aggressive attitude towards writing and bringing more and more extra-mural research projects to the university in different areas have now started showing results in convincing different funding agencies. Utmost care has also been taken in training and guiding the Ph.D research scholars by the faculty in order to carry out research of high order. The increasing trend of research publications of the university is a sign of progress and reflects the enhancement of the intellectual environment of the university. The laboratory space and infrastructure facilities are excellent in many areas of advanced research in the university which could be developed through assistance received from the management grant and extramural project funds. Productive utilization of the fund and collaboration with many reputed universities and institutions in the country and abroad in knowledge and experience sharing are bringing about substantial benefit to the university’s research activities. It is worthwhile to mention that many new initiatives are in the offing to raise the overall standard of education and quality of research in the university to attain greater height.
Joining AdtU is a boon to the students not only to build their career and find proper and deserving placement but also to gainfully accomplish their desire to serve society and the country.

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