There are a number of instruments present in our CIF lab that can be used in a number of research topics for research scholars working on herbals plants. We have Soxhlet apparatus, rotary evaporator and lyophilizer for extraction and drying of extract. These extracted products can be subjected to photochemical estimation of active phytocompounds identification. In the field of molecular biology, we have the electrophoresis tanks and SDS page for identifying protein and thermal cycler (PCR) for identifying and amplifying any gene of interest. These isolated products can be viewed in our E-gel imager and transilluminator. DNA and RNA isolation were mostly performed via kits or sometimes we do perform manually especially for students. We also have the cooling centrifuge that operates at about 12000 RPM and rectangular hot water bath that operates till 110ºC. For biochemical estimation we have the auto-analyzer (LFT, KFT etc) and the spectrometer. For research scholars working on microbiology we have the autoclave, incubator and the orbital shaker. Basic instrumentation like deep freezer and refrigerator for storing samples, double distilled water unit, weighing balance, ultrasonic bath, vortex shaker, magnetic stirrer and microwave are also present in our CIF. The most prominent work carried out in CIF was extraction of photochemical from crude plant extracts and then followed by synthesizing nanoparticles and tested for MIC on various pathogenic bacteria and fungus, prevalence of methicillin resistant Staph Aureus and comparison of vancomycin MIC against methicillin resistant Staph Aureus and methicillin sensitive Staph Aureus.  The work done in CIF has been published in reputed journals and presented in various conferences.

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