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"A ship is safest in harbor but that's not what ships are made for"
- John Augustus Shedd

The famous saying above defines the very significance of going international in contemporary times. The transition of nations from the Knowledge to Wisdom economies truly explains why knowing is just not enough until applied. We at Assam down town University (AdtU) are therefore equipping our students with the philosophy of 'Knowledge with a purpose'. Towards this, a strategic initiative has been undertaken at AdtU through establishment of the International Relations Office (IRO) which aims to not only attract best of students, faculty and staff from across the world but to also assist the enrolled students and alumni explore opportunities abroad in education and corporate.

We are on a journey to make AdtU an inspiring world-class campus. Believing that students and faculty are the building blocks of a progressive institution, AdtU is poised to implementing global Best Practices for international student and faculty recruitment starting this academic year. i-Scholar is a strategic step towards this mission.

AdtU through its well-researched curriculum and pedagogy ensures that students make the most of their learning experience. Our thematic international study tours and exchange programs shall act as catalyst in students' evolution process of becoming global citizens.

Our vision and mission at AdtU are complimented by the Government of India mega campaigns namely Digital India and Make in India, making India the preferred choice for international student community. Also the fact that India figures among fastest growing economies in today's world paves the way for immense career opportunities in this country.

AdtU also stands for strong Indian value system which helps our graduating students cope with expected challenges of life and work with much ease. This further extends to the development of innovative thinking which makes our students stand out as enterprising minds.

International culture in-the-making at AdtU is an experience to feel and a legacy to possess. We teach you to win the game called Life!

We welcome you to this whole new world of AdtU to explore the best in you.