Adult Education under Teach Programme

The provision of educational opportunities for women has been an important part of the national endeavor in the field of education since India's Independence. From the perspective of the individual woman who has not had the opportunity for basic literacy, participation in a literacy program is a self-enhancing activity. Literacy is seen as an empowering process, particularly for women who constitute most of the world’s illiterates. The gender gap in literacy and education is widespread, being especially marked in the less developed countries.

With the objective of promoting adult literacy among women, Rotary Club of Guwahati in collaboration with Assam down town University started “Adult Education under Teach Programme” for the fourth grade women employees of the University on 9th May 2015 within the university premises.  The programme aims to develop the ability of the learners making use of literacy skills to solve problems and meet learning needs in daily life and thereby contribute to the improvement of women’s literacy rates. Keeping in view the above objective,  the programme was conducted successfully  from 10th March to 14th April, 2018 with 34 fourth-grade women employees of the University under the aegis of Bristi Borgohain, Asst. Professor,  Department of Social Work.

 On 10th May, 2018 a certificate awarding ceremony was organized for the successful participants of the programme. Honorable Chancellor of Assam down town University Dr. Narendra Nath Dutta, Dean of Studies Bandana Dutta, President of Rotary Club, Guwahati Bibhuti Dutta; Secretary of Rotatry Club, Guwahati Saleh Ahmed Choudhary; and HoD, Faculty of Humanities and Social Sciences Dr. Lanu Devi graced the ceremony by their presence and distributed certificates to the participants encouraging them to secure a better future with lifelong leraning. The participants also received praises for their hardwork and commitment towards the programme.


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