National Science Day celebration at Assam down town University

Assam down town University, Guwahati celebrated National Science Day on February 28, 2018 in the memory of Raman's Effect a noble prize winning scientific contribution by Prof. C.V. Raman. This year the theme was “Science and Technology for a sustainable future" . Honorable Vice Chancellor, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Director Research and other senior faculties of the University were also present on the occasion.

The program started with an address by a popular talk by Prof. (Dr.) Kulendu Pathak, Former Vice Chancellor, Dibrugarh University. Prof. Pathak, first recalled that the National Science Day is celebrated to commemorate the path-breaking discovery of Raman Effect which led to the winning of Nobel Prize by Prof. C.V.  Raman. Prof. Pathak also explained  several  complex  aspects  of  science  and  technology  lucidly  and  in  an  easy  to  understand  manner  by  giving  day  to  day  life  examples. He emphasized on inculcating scientific temper among the young generation of the country. Prof. Kulendu Pathak’s  scientific contribution along with his introduction was done by Dr. B G Unni, Director Research, Assam down town University.
Prof. Amarjyoti Choudhury, Vice Chancellor, Assam down town University also addressed the students and faculties  with his intellectual and encouraging views and highlighted the current global trends in science and technology and spoke about creating the awareness about the benefits of Science to mankind and also to help to develop rational thinking and scientific temper in our     

young generation. Number of activities for the students, staffs and faculties of the University have been organized which included and a quiz competition amongst the students and faculties of the University. Apart from that, the students and faculties from the department of Physiotherapy, Civil Engineering and Computer Science & Engineering have been felicitated for participation in various science related competitions conducted by the respective departments of the University.
Sir C. V. Raman announced to the world his famous discovery “Raman Effect” on 28th February, 1928 and was subsequently awarded the Nobel Prize for it in 1930. To commemorate Prof. Raman’s achievement, Govt. of India declared 28th February as National Science Day and the nation is celebrating this auspicious day since 1987.


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