Class Routine Aug - Dec 2019

Faculty of Engineering & Technology B Tech Civil 3rd sem B Tech Civil 5th Sem Sec A B Tech Civil 5th Sem sec B B Tech Civil 7th sem B Tech ME 3rd sem  B Tech ME 5th Sem  B Tech ME 7th sem  B Tech ECE 5th Sem B Tech ECE 7th sem B Tech ECE 1st Sem B Tech Inurture 1st Sem B Tech CSE 3rd Sem B Tech CSE 5th Sem B Tech CSE 7th Sem Electronic & Communication CBCS   Faculty of Commerce, Management, Humanities & Social Science BA Psychology 1st sem BA Psychology 3rd sem BA Psychology 5th sem BA Sociology 1st sem BA Sociology 3rd sem BA Sociology 5th sem BBA 1st sem BBA 3rd sem BBA 5th sem (BBA & MBA 7th sem integrated) BSC Hospitality management BSW 1st yr BSW 3rd sem BSW 5th sem Management001 Management009 Management0017 MBA 1st sem MBA 3rd sem MSC Clinical Psychology 1st sem MSW 1st sem MSW 3rd sem TOURISM   Nursing MSC Nursing-1st yr.pdf   Faculty of Paramedical Sciences B Opt 3rd sem B Opt 5th sem BMLT 3rd Sem Sec A BMLT 3rd Sem Sec B BMLT 5th Sem Sec B BMLT 5th Sem Sec A BOTT 3rd sem BPT 5th Sem Sec A BPT 1st Sem Sec A BPT 1st Sem Sec B BPT 3rd Sem Sec B BPT 3rd Sem Sec A BPT 7th Sem Sec A BPT 7TH Sem Sec B BRAIT 1st Sem BRAIT 3rd sem BRAIT 5th sem BSc Dialysis 3rd sem BSc Dialysis 5th sem BTEDM 3rd Sem BTEDM 5th sem DIPLOMA 3rd Sem DIPLOMA DIALYSIS 3rd & 5th Sem DIPLOMAOPTOMETRY 3rd & 5th Sem DMLT 3rd & 5th Sem Sec A DMLT 3rd & 5th Sem Sec B DMLT 3rd Sem Sec A DRDT 3rd Sem Sec A DRDT 3rd Sem Sec B MMLT 1st Sem MMLT 3rd Sem MPT 3rd Sem MSC MLT 3rd Sem MSC E & CC 1st sem MSC E & CC 3rd sem OT,TRAUMA,OPTOMETRY 1ST Sem Paramedical0024 Paramedical0037 Paramedical0041 RADIOLOGY SEC B RADIOLOGY SEC A   Faculty of Science Applied Nutrition 3rd Sem BSc Bio Tech 1st sem BSc Bio Tech 3rd sem BSc Bio Tech 5th sem BSc Fnd 1st sem BSc Fnd 3rd sem BSc Fnd 5th sem BSc Micrbiology 1st sem BSc Micro Biology 3rd sem BSc Microbiology 5th sem MSc Biotech 1st sem MSc Biotech 3rd sem MSc Botany 1st sem MSc Botany 3rd sem MSc Chemistry 1st sem MSc Chemistry 3rd sem MSc Fnd 1st sem MSc Fnd 3rd sem MSc Microbiology 1st sem MSc Microbiology 3rd sem MSc Zoology 1st sem MSc Zoology 3rd sem   Faculty of Pharmacy BPharm - 1st sem (Batch 1) BPharm - 3rd sem BPharm - 6th sem BPharm - 7th sem BPharm - Practice - 1st yr (One) BPharm - Practice - 2nd yr (One) BPharm - Practice - 1st yr (Two) BPharm - Practice - 2nd yr (Two) BPharm - 1st sem (Batch 2) DPharm - 1st yr DPharm - 2nd yr MPharm - 1st sem - Pharmacology MPharm - 1st sem MPharm - 3rd sem (Pharmaceuitics)

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