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Number of patents awarded (Provisional) to Assam down town University during the last five years

Sl no. Name of the author Title of the patent/invention Year
1 Rejaoon Al Rejah and Rajiv Lochan Bikash Roy, Mechanical Engineering Hand-Operated Mushroom Compact Straw-Compost Bag Preparation Machine (Application No. - E-2/94/2017-KOL, Reference No. - 201731011997) 2017
2 Mr. Manash Jyoti Borah , Mechanical Engineering. & Dr. Niharendu Saha, Mechanical Engineering, Assam Engineering College, Gauhati System and Method for Double spot Friction Stir Welding and Double spot Zigzag Friction Stir Welding (Provisional application for Patent Filed Application No: TEMP/E- 1/49294/2018- KOL) 2018


Applications submitted for patents (Provisional) and under review-National Research Development Corporation (NRDC) New Delhi, Ministry of Science & Technology, Govt. of India during the year (2018-2019)

Sl no. Name of the author Title of the patent/invention Year
1 Mr. Arpan Das, Mechanical Engineering. & Mr. MrinalJyotiSarma, Mechanical Engineering. Small Scale organic waste shredding machine. (Under Review) 2018
2 Mr. MrigankaSarmah , Computer Science & Engineering. & Mr. Gautam Borah , Physiotherapy. Translation of daily use easy English sentences into Assamese sentences and vice-versa (Documents submitted for copyright registration) 2018


Patent awarded - 2017


Patent Awarded - 2018 


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