AdtU Students visits for the Talk on Cyber- Bullying held in Cotton University

We have often heard about Internet addiction, game addiction etc but nowadays the most commonly heard problem in the present context is about ‘Cyber-Bullying’. In the earlier times we already heard about Bullying that everyone faced in their schools or colleges by some other fellow mates or classmates who were quite rude with the weaker or timid fellow mates.   
But, in the present times there is a new form of medium through which one bullies other people that is ‘Cyber-Bullying’. Basically ‘Cyber-Bullying’ usually takes place through digital gadgets such as- computers, cell phones etc. It can even take place through socially media sites, SMS and apps etc. Through ‘Cyber-Bullying’ one who is the criminal or the one who bullies disturbs the other person by sending humiliating pictures, sharing negative and harmful contents to the other person which harasses them. Currently researches are going on to cope with the ‘Cyber-Bullying’ and to stop it.        

It was a privilege that the Students of the Psychology and Psychiatric Social Work department along with one of the faculty from Assam Down Town University took part in the talk on the topic which was based on ‘Cyber-Bullying’ organised at the Department of Psychology of Cotton University on 24th September 2018 . Dr. Dimpy Mahanta, HOD, Department of Psychology, Cotton University was the convener of this lecture.

 The invited speaker who delivered the lecture on ‘Cyber-Bullying’ was Dr. Damanjit Sandhu, Associate Professor, Panjabi University, Patiala. She discussed what actually is Cyber-Bullying and about the threats faced by various people. She also discussed some keywords related to this area. And also suggested and discussed ways of combating these online-threats.

Overall the talk was really insightful and very useful. The students attending the talk could gain lot of information regarding this topic.


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