World Suicide Prevention Day

The World Health Organization reports that over 8 lakhs people die by committing suicide each year- 1 person in every 40 seconds. Suicide is the second major cause of death among young people between 15-25 years of age. World Suicide prevention Day which is observed every year on 10th September is an opportunity for everyone in the community to join together to promote understanding about suicide and highlight effective prevention measures. On this World Suicide Prevention Day, the Dept of Psychology and Social work, Assam down town University jointly conducted an awareness drive by staging a street play to support the 2018 theme “Working together to prevent Suicide”. The play emphasized the importance of how a small change in their perspective, a little understanding from significant others can help save a life. Besides the street play the students also displayed placards with various motivational quotes to spread the message that help, hope and healing are possible.

    The Dept of Psychology and Social work extended gratitude to the students as well as other members of the fraternity for encouraging the efforts with their gracious presence and making the event a successful one.


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