Adtu Blog Quest - A Meetup of Bloggers, Youtubers & Social Media Influencers

Assam down town University, the leading private university in Northeast India is holding a first-of-its-kind meet-up event ‘BLOG QUEST’ for the growing community of Bloggers, Youtubers and Social Media Influencers in this part of the country.

The Northeast India’s blogging community has grown rapidly in the last few years, and while bloggers interact over the internet and social media platforms, or even in smaller groups, there has been a lack of meet-up events that unite them all with an agenda to share knowledge, interact, exchange stories and ideas and get to know each other over the very things they live and love.

AdtU is all set to give this creative community in northeast a platform they need. The first edition of AdtU’s BLOG QUEST is scheduled to take place in Guwahati, at AdtU campus, on 7th October 2018.

1. 09:30 AM: Registration
2. 10:00 AM: Welcome Note & Orientation
3. 10:30 AM: Session by Guest Speaker Piyush Chopra (Mr. Techy, Youtuber)
4. 11:30 AM: Panel Discussion 1: Impact of Blogging & Social Media in Northeast
5. 12:15 PM: Rising Bloggers in Northeast Award
5. 12:45 PM: Lunch Break & Networking
6. 01:45 PM: Panel Discussion 2 - Blogger/Brand Collabs – How to work with brands
7. 02:30 PM: Q & A
8. 03:00 PM: Closing Remarks

Register at:

First 100 Registrants will get Free Webhosting from SeekAHost, a London based Webhosting Company

Nominations are available for Best Blogger, Best Youtuber and Best Instablogger.
To participate, share your Blog, Youtube Channel, or Insta Profile on Facebook with the hashtag #AdtUBlogQuest
and tag the official page of Assam down town University. Last Date: 2nd October 2018

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