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On September 8th 2017, World Physiotherapy Day was celebrated at Assam down town University with a day- long symposium and two days hands on workshop titled “ PHYSIOACADEMIA 2017” at its campus organised by the department of Physiotherapy under the initiative of Dr. Abhijit Dutta (PT), HOD, Dept. of Physiotherapy with his vibrant faculty team. The event was aimed at Enlightening the young physio minds with knowledge and enhancing their skills.

The day is an opportunity for the Physiotherapists from all over the world to raise the awareness about the crucial contribution the profession makes in keeping people well mobile, independent and pain free.

Eminent experts like Dr. Uma Sankar Mohanty, President MTFI ( Manual Therapy Foundation of India) , President ( Indian Association of Physiotherapists, National Affairs ) from Mangalore, Dr. Naveen Ganer, HOD, Jindal Institute of Medical Sciences, Hisar, Harayana, Dr.Aziza Karim Speech Therapist and Audiologist CRC Guwahati, Dr.Srikant Sikatia HOD, Aditya Diagnostics and Hospital Dibrugarh, Dr. Biraj Gogoi (MS Ortho) Army Base Hospital Guwahati shared their knowledge to the students with their lectures in different scientific topics.

The event will be followed by a two days hands on workshop on “ LUMBOPELVIC MOBILZATION by Dr. Uma Sankar Mohanty and “ ELITE KINESIO TAPING FOR EXTREMETIES, SPINE AND NERVES by Dr. Naveen Ganer on 9th and 10th of September 2017 at the university campus.

The event was graced by Hon’ble Vice Chancellor Prof. R.C.Deka, Pro vice Chancellor Prof. H.K.Das, Director Research Dr. B.G.Unni, Principal (down town college of Allied Health Sciences) Dr.P.C.Sarma, Academic Directror Prof. U.C.Kalita and other faculty members of various departments of Assam down town University.

Prof. Deka in his speech emphasized the role of Physiotherapy in the present medical health system in different diseases and injuries and how it has evolved as an clinical science in the health care area.

Dr.Unni mentioned the vital role that physiotherapy plays in one’s life in making the person pain free and independent in mobility after cardiovascular accidents like stroke and paralysis . He stressed the importance of research in this field and raising the standards with evidence based practices.

Dr. Mohanty clearly pointed out the important role of a Physio specially in sports when players like Dhoni and Kohli needs fitness clearance certificates to play after approval given by a Physiotherapist. He said there are more than 3lakh published articles with evidence based practices in various techniques and methods of Physiotherapy and continuing research activities are very important to raise the standards and creating awareness of the profession.

There was poster presentation competition held among the students and the best three posters were given away with prizes.

The whole faculty team of the department namely Dr. S Anita Devi, Dr. Madhusmita Koch, Dr. Pritam Deka, Dr.Biju Chetri, Dr.Abhijit Kalita, Dr. Moushami Purkayastha, Dr. Trishna S Baruah, Dr. Santosh Rajak, Dr. Priyabarta K Ohja, Dr. Rashmi Hembrom , Gautom Bora,Uditya Borah, Emmy, Sainika, actively participated in the event with their efforts and made the event a successful one.

The event has surely given the students and the faculty members to learn and enhance their skills through this continuing physiotherapy education program on the auspicious day of World Physiotherapy Day at our University campus.

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