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B.Sc.IT (Mobile Application & Information Security)

What is this Programme about?

The new-age Bachelor of Science degree in Information Security & Mobile Application is a unique dual specialisation that is offered by Assam down town University. The programme has been designed with inputs by industry experts to groom students for the competitive and fast-growing technology sectors of information security & mobile application. The curriculum has been prepared with industry requirements in mind and it it emphasises practical, application-oriented learning.


How this Programme Benefit you & your Career?

The main goal of the course is to provide students with an in-depth understanding of how information security functions in an organization and to understand the background, foundation, and insight of information security. The mobile application component equips students with in-depth knowledge of all aspects of mobile application with emphasis on Android app development.

This course will help students to:

Gain in-depth knowledge of all practical and theoretical aspects of preventive, ethical hacking and forensic security technologies

Demonstrate functional knowledge on data centres and the concepts of virtualization, cryptography, ethical hacking, computer forensics, virtualization, and cloud security.

Gain valuable industry inputs and insights into the process of creating cutting-edge mobile technology

Develop skills to independently analyze, design, develop, deploy, and troubleshoot mobile application and services



1. Students Undertakes various industrial workshops and interships during the course.

2. Students create projects on cloud technology and information security.

3. Students participate in ethical hacking competitions.


Programme Contents:


  • Communication Skills
  • Fundamentals of Mathematics
  • Computer Fundamentals and Organization
  • Programming in C
  • Introduction to Linux
  • Practical
  • C Programming Laboratory
  • Linux Laboratory


  • Reasoning and Thinking
  • Operating System
  • OOPS with C++
  • Data Structure using C
  • Introduction to Java Scripting
  • Practical
  • OOPS with C++ Laboratory
  • Data Structures using C Laboratory


  • Information Security Fundamentals
  • Software Engineering
  • Relational Database Management Systems
  • Computer networks Fundamentals
  • Programming in JAVA
  • Practical
  • Relational Database Management Laboratory
  • Java Programming Laboratory


  • Mobile web and Application development
  • Ethical Hacking Fundamentals
  • Cryptography Fundamentals
  • Basic Android
  • Mobile Device and Network Architecture
  • Introduction to cloud computing
  • Practical
  • Ethical Hacking Laboratory
  • Basic Android – Laboratory


  • Computer Forensics – an Introduction
  • Virtualisation and Cloud Security
  • IT Governance, Risk & Information Security Management
  • Mobile Ecosystem and Business Models
  • Advanced Android
  • Web Technology and Value added services in mobile
  • Practical
  • Computer Forensics Laboratory Advanced android – Laboratory


  • Security in wireless, VOIP and Mobile Apps
  • Mobile Testing
  • Project and Viva-Voce



Students get acknowledged by various institution for identifying bugs in web portals


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