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Master in Physiotherapy

What is this Programme about?

Master of Physiotherapy is a Post Graduate Degree awarded for a program or course in the area of Physical Therapy, known as Physiotherapy. Abbreviated form for the Master of Physiotherapy is MPT or M.P.T.

Learning Objectives: At the completion of this course, the student should be - 1. Able to execute all routine physiotherapeutic procedures with evidence based practice. 2. Able to be a prominent member of the multidisciplinary physiotherapy team and treat all the conditions which need physiotherapeutic procedures. 3. Able to provide adequate knowledge about the treatment procedures and its benefit. 4. Able to transfer knowledge and skills to students as well young professionals. 5. Able to perform independent physiotherapy assessment and treatment for patients. 6. Able to undertake independent research in the field of physiotherapy. 7. Learn multidisciplinary practice skills. 8. Able to practice and assess patient independently. 9. On successful completion of M.P.T programme, the Physiotherapist professional will be able to take up physiotherapy teaching assignments independently for undergraduate teaching programme. He / She will be able to prepare project proposal with selected research design and interpret the evaluated outcome measures (using sound data processing techniques and statistical methods). He/she will be able to practice in his / her specialty area with advanced knowledge and skills.

Eligibility for admission: Selection procedure: 1. He/she has passed the BSc in Physiotherapy / Bachelor of Physiotherapy recognized by any Indian University with pass marks (50%).

Duration of the course Duration of the course: 4 semesters/ 2 Years

Medium of instruction: English shall be the medium of instruction for all the subjects of study and for examination of the course. Attendance: A candidate will be permitted to appear for the University Examination for any semester if he / she secure not less than 85% of attendance in the number of instructional days/ practical at hospitals during the calendar year, failing which he / she should complete the number of days/hours and undergo the next semester/year/final examination conducted by the university. Methods of training The training of postgraduate for MPT degree shall be on a full time pattern with graded responsibilities in the management and treatment of patients entrusted to his / her care. The participation of all the students in all facets of educational process is essential. Every candidate should take part in seminars, group discussions, clinical rounds, care demonstrations, clinics, journal review meetings & CME. Every candidate should be required to participate in the teaching and training programs of undergraduate students. Training should include involvement in laboratory experimental work and research studies.


How this Programme Benefit you & your Career?

Expectation from the future graduate in the providing patient care. 1. Course work includes exercise physiology, principles of physiotherapy practice, electrophysiology and electives (during 2nd year of MPT). The student will be skilled in treatment planning, management, administration of physiotherapy treatment and provision of patient support. 2. Acquire in-depth knowledge of structure and function of human body related to the respective branch of specialty. 3. Acquire the in-depth knowledge of movement dysfunction of human body, cause thereof principles underlying the use of physiotherapeutic interventions for restoring movement dysfunction towards normalcy. 4. Demonstrate skill in Physical & Functional diagnosis pertaining to patient under his/her care. 5. Demonstrate ability to critically appraise recent physiotherapeutic and related literature from journals & adopt diagnostic & therapeutic procedures based on it. 6. The student will also perform independent research within the department and help the department and the team for treatment planning of the patient. 7. PT post-graduate is encouraged to pursue further qualification to attain senior position in the professional field, also to keep abreast with the advance and new technology the professional should opt for continuous professional education credits offered by national and international institutes. 8. Employment opportunities can be found in hospitals in both private and public sectors as well as in independent physiotherapy clinics and as well as teaching institutes. 9. Demonstrate ability to make clinical decision (based on evaluation) regarding Physiotherapy strategy techniques and select appropriate outcome measures based on the comprehensive knowledge of specialty. 10. Demonstrate an expertise in evidence-based skill in the management disorders including movement dysfunction in concerned specialty. 11. Demonstrate an expertise in health promotion, early identification and intervention for quality restoration of function. 12. Planning and implementation of treatment programme adequately and appropriately for all clinical conditions common as well as rare related to respective specialty in acute and chronic stage, in intensive care, indoor, outdoor and institutional care, independent practice, on fields of sports and community and during disaster situations. 13. Demonstrate proficiency in creating awareness using newer technology, at various levels in community for healthcare & professional awareness. 14. Demonstrate leadership, managerial, administrative & communication skills. 15. Demonstrate the knowledge of legislation applicable to compensation for functional disability welfare schemes & rights of the disabled, laws related to industrial workers & disabled & appropriate certification. 16. Demonstrate proficiency in classroom and clinical teaching using newer and appropriate technology.


Physiotherapy is delivered in a variety of settings which allow it to achieve its purpose. Prevention, health promotion, treatment/intervention, habilitation and rehabilitation take place in multiple settings that may include, but are not confined to, the following:


1. Community based rehabilitation programmes

2. Community settings including primary health care centres, individual homes, and field settings

3. Education and research centres

4. Fitness clubs, health clubs, gymnasia and spas

5. Hospices

6. Hospitals

7. Nursing homes

8. Occupational health centres

9. Out-patient clinics

10. Physiotherapist private offices, practices, clinics

11. Prisons

12. Public settings for health promotion

13. Rehabilitation centres and residential homes

14. Schools, including pre-schools and special schools

15. Senior citizen centres

16. Sports centres/clubs

17. Workplaces/companies





Every candidate pursing MPT degree course is required to carry out work on a selected research project under the guidance of a recognized postgraduate teacher. The results of such a work shall be submitted in the form of dissertation.

The dissertation is aimed to train a graduate student in research methods and techniques. It includes identification of a problem, formulation of a hypothesis search and review of literature getting acquainted with recent advances, designing of a research study, collection of data, critical analysis, and comparison of results and drawing conclusions.

Every candidate shall submit to the Registrar of university in the prescribed Performa a synopsis containing particulars of proposed dissertation work within 6 months from the date of commencement of the course on or before the dates notified by the university. The synopsis shall be sent through the proper channel. Such synopsis will be reviewed and the university will register the dissertation topic

No change in the dissertation topic or guide shall be made without prior approval of the university.

Guide will be only a facilitator, advisor of the concept and hold responsible in correctly directing the candidate in the methodology and not responsible for the outcome and results.


Programme Contents:

Principles of Physiotherapy practice Exercise Physiology


Physiotherapeutics Elective paper II
Research Methodology &Biostatistics Electro Physiology Elective I Dissertation
Movement Science Physical &Functional Diagnosis  




1. The students of BPT second year attended the 4th international conference INCPT AIIMS – 2015 organized by Physiotherapy unit, Dr. B. R. A. IRCH AIIMS, New Delhi from 26th – 30th November 2015. The theme of the conference was PAIN, PALLIATION, and MOBILITY. The team of 25 students was led by Dr. Abhijit Dutta (PT), Associate professor cum HOD Dept. of physiotherapy, Assam down town University. Miss Kangana Goswami a student of BPT 2nd yr won the 3rd prize in poster presentation titled Ultrasound Therapy and its effects.

Dr. Abhijit Dutta (PT) presented a research paper in the scientific paper presentation category titled “To Study The Effect Of Scapular Mobilization Versus Mobilization With Movement To Reduce Pain And Improve Gleno-Humeral Range Of Motion In Adhesive Capsulitis Of Shoulder: A Comparative Study” co author Miss Lipika Boruah.

Dr. Abhijit Dutta (PT) was awarded with PHYSIOEXCELLENCE award as a certificate of recognition for his contribution to the field of Physiotherapy in the region at AIIMS, New Delhi.

2. Rukungyoi Phesao a student of BPT final year with his team Anupam Deka and Priyanka Paul of BPT final year bagged the Best Prize in the Best Model Competition category organized by the academic students board of IIT Guwahati at Indian Institute of Technology , Guwahati, Assam from 17th – 20th March 2016. The students were guided by faculty Dr.Pritam Deka , Assistant Prof. Dept of Physiotherapy

3. The outgoing batch of BPT attended the 13th State IAP conference at Kolkata, West Bengal and they bagged the 2nd prize in poster presentation the titled was Musculoskeletal problems due to hand held devices and treatment role played by Physiotherapy.

4. Dr. Abhijit Dutta (PT) Associate prof. HOD (I/C) , Dept. of Physiotherapy was awarded the SIGNIFICANT CONTRIBUTION award in the field of physiotherapy at Agartala by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists, Agartala , Tripura. He also bagged the 3rd prize in senior paper presentation category titled “ A comparative study to find out the immediate effectiveness of movement with mobilization versus elbow orthosis on pain and grip strength in Lateral Epicondylitis in House wives”

5. Dr. Madhusmita Koch (PT) Assistant Prof. bagged the 3rd prize in senior paper presentation category titled “ To Study the Effect of Agility and Pertubation exercises versus Dynamic Reisitance Exercises to improve Knee function in Knee Osteoarthiritis: A Comparitive Study”

6. The students of BPT and MPT attended the 2nd Physioforced national conference at Tripura, Agartala organized by the The Indian Association of Physiotherapist, Tripura State branch where Shruti K Dutta and Upasana Bhuyan students of BPT third year bagged the 2nd prize in poster presentation titled “ Role of Physiotherapy in Intensive Care Unit”.

7. The students of BPT Adtu bagged the 1st prize and 2nd prize in junior and senior paper presentation category tiltled WALKING AIDS and EXERCISE PROGRAM at PHYSIOACADEMIA 2016 organised by the Dept.of Physiotherapy from March 17-19th 2016 at the University campus



1. The 2nd passed out batch of BPT attended the 2nd international conference INCPT AIIMS – 2013 organized by Physiotherapy unit, Dr. B. R. A. IRCH AIIMS, New Delhi from 12th -17th December 2013 where they bagged the 1st prize in cultural competition and became the overall champion.

2. The 3rd year batch of BPT attended the 13th State IAP conference at Kolkata, West Bengal organized by the Indian Association of Physiotherapists , West Bengal branch and they bagged First Prize in intercollegiate cultural competition.

3. The students of BPT second year attended the 4th international conference INCPT AIIMS – 2015 organized by Physiotherapy unit, Dr. B. R. A. IRCH AIIMS, New Delhi from 26th – 30th November 2015. The students bagged the 1st prize in solo singing category ( Miss Monjistha Bhuyan ) and 2nd prize in solo dancing category ( Mr. Simson Subba )

4. The Department of physiotherapy bagged 1st prize consecutively for two years 2015 and 2016 in the Science Exhibition at Assam down town University on the occasion of World Science Day.

5. The Students of Physiotherapy bagged the OVERALL CHAMPION prize in an event name PHYSIOFIESTA organized by ALL ASSAM PHYSIOTHERAPY ASSOCIATION (AAPA) and INDIAN ASSOCIATION OF PHYSIOTHERAPISTS, GUWAHATI BRANCH at Assam down town University in March 2015

6. The students of Physiotherapy BPT 3rd year bagged the 1st prize in Group Dance, 2nd prize in fashion Show and in solo dance (Lipika Boruah MPT), 3rd prize in over all champion at PICON 2015 ,ORISSA BHUBENESHAWAR




Rukungyoi Phesao a student of BPT final year with his team Anupam Deka and Priyanka Paul of BPT final year bagged the Best Prize in the Best Model Competition category organized by the academic students board of IIT Guwahati at Indian Institute of Technology , Guwahati, Assam from 17th – 20th March 2016. The students were guided by faculty Dr.Pritam Deka , Assistant Prof. Dept of Physiotherapy. The model was a motorized dynamic splint for the rehabilitation of stroke patients. This model has been applied for patent approval.


Dr.Abhijit Dutta PT, HOD, Faculty of Paramedical Sciences, Assam down town University was honoured with Dr.MG Mokashi Award at Dr. MGM Physiocon 2018 a İNTERNATİONAL Conference held at U SOSO THAM Auditorium, Shillong 2nd and 3rdth February 2018 where he represented Assam down town University with a scientific lecture presentation on Role of Physiotherapist on Burn Rehabilitation

He Was honoured by two eminent persons Shri P. W Ingty IAS additional Chief Secretary Govt of Meghalaya i/c Health and Family Welfare and by Dr.T. Wahlang Director of Health Services(MI) GOVT OF MEGHALAYA along with the organising chairman of the conference chairman Dr C K Senthil

Dr Dutta represented along with his students of Physiotherapy Dept where the students bagged First and Second prizes in scientific poster presentation and First and Second prizes in solo singing and dance competitions and bagged the BEST COLLEGE/UNIVERSITY TROPHY

Various colleges from Bangalore, Gujarat, Udaipur, Hyderabad ,Nepal and Bhutan Participated.





Winners are




ASHA TEP, ABENLE TEP AND S.ZHULOZII KHASE from 6th semester BPT First position in scientific poster competition Topic- Peripheral Joint Mobilization


BASANTI REANG & CLARITY MARWEIN from 4tm semester BPT Second prize in in scientific poster competition Topic- Posture

JITUL DEKA from BPT 4th semester, First position in solo Dance Competetion category


KANKANA TALUKDAR from 4th semester , Second position in solo Dance competition



DEEPJYOTI from 4th semester BPT, First position in solo Singing competition



Larissa Dhar from MPT 4th semester, Second position in solo Singing Competetion


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