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Diploma in Dialysis Technology (10)

What is this Programme about?

A Diploma in Dialysis Technology is one of the interesting programmers, enabling the qualified person to serve the society, through this branch of technology and shall be a part of best Health Care Delivery System. Such technical person has scope to serve in a better and developed Health care organization under a clean environment. They will remain busy with the specific group of persons suffering from Renal diseases. They will be considered as one of the most reliable person for treating doctors. He/she will be a skillfully technician, will enjoy finding out the nature of the disease of the sufferer and can bring smile to such patients and can help the treating doctors in arriving at correct diagnosis and corrective measure. He/ she further can upgrade their knowledge under B. SC programme and thus they will be a part to teaching programme beside being technical person. Such technical person will have enough opportunity in various health organizations both in private and public sectors and thus they can lead a wonderful life with pride and prestige


How this Programme Benifit you & your Career?

On successful completion of the course, a candidate can learn/understand the importance of aseptic conditions, blood transfusion, blood grouping and mismatch ing, infusion therapy, application of oxygen and almost all procedure in dialysis and also handling emergency cases. The technician will learn more about the disease, and its different complications including their management.



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Programme Contents:

1st semester

  • Physic
  • Chemistry
  • Biology
  • Anatomy & physiology
  • Preventive & social medicine

2nd semester

  • DDIT-201 - Concept of Renal disease.
  • DDIT-202 - Applied anatomy
  • DDIT-203 - Applied physiology
  • DDIT-204 - Biochemistry I

3rd semester

  • DDIT- 301 - Clinical paper I (Applied dialysis technology)
  • DDIT-302 - Clinical paper ( Applied dialysis technology)
  • DDIT-303 - Food and nutrition
  • DDIT-311 - Biochemistry I

4th semester

  • DDIT-401 - Basic of dialysis technology
  • DDIT-402 - Pharmacology
  • DDIT-411 - Basic of dialysis technology (practical)





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Lhakit Lepcha
Lhakit Lepcha
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