The programme of Applied Psychology is oriented towards solving practical problems and to translate the fruits of our scientific labor into real world. With a Masters in Applied Psychology programme in India, learners can solve challenging everyday problems that intersect with human behaviour. This programme typically includes the study of cognitive, developmental, organizational, health, clinical as well as research and statistics.

The Masters in Applied Psychology course consists of two years of full-time university level study. It aims to prepare students for effective professional practice as Psychologist in Organization and practical settings. Moreover, it further prepares for studies in Research and Practice.

The objectives are:

?     To provide practical emphasis on a seamless blend of theory and practice throughout the course.

?     To provide good career prospects and the graduates of any of these courses have ample score for higher studies or jobs

?     It uses psychological methodologies to answer questions and solve problems pertaining to human, and sometimes, animal, behavior.

?     This course helps students to identify design solutions for individuals and organizations, to help clients with problems faced in their everyday lifestyle.

?     Through the practice and knowledge of MA Applied Psychology students can help people resolve their emotional distress, disorders and illness.

?     The world needs more and more psychologists to deal with stress, high pressure and the growing loneliness among people and this course provides students practical knowledge on how to deal with these kinds of situations.

Career Prospects

After completing masters in the field of Applied Psychology, there won’t be a lack of jobs as there are a lot of professions related to psychology. Some of the jobs that the MA Applied Psychology graduates are Development Psychologist, Clinical Psychologist, Educational Counsellor, Social Worker, Recruiter, and Industrial Psychologist.

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