Optometry is the branch of medical science that deals with the measurement of the powers of vision and its adaptation to lenses. A person who is professionally trained in optometry is known as an optometrist. With the increasing population and streamlining of specialized patient care, eye specialists are no longer handling the time-consuming part of primary eye care such as vision and ocular pressure check. Instead, optometrists are helping to fill that role.

The 4-year Bachelor’s degree programme in Optometry is aimed at developing and building competencies and producing experts for providing comprehensive care for the visual systems including vision, detection of eye diseases, prescribing eye correction options such as eye glasses, contact lenses and low vision aids. Optometrists are practitioners for primary eye care and correction and can diagnose eye diseases but they are not certified to carry out eye surgeries and they refer serious eye diseases to the eye specialists/ ophthalmologists.

About 85% of all vision impairment and 75% of blindness globally can be avoided, prevented or cured if the appropriately trained personnel and care facilities existed.

Optometry is recognized by World Health Organization (WHO) as an independent profession through its ongoing official relation with the World Council of Optometry (WCO), which is the international optometric organization that represents almost 300,000 optometrists from 87 member organizations in 47 countries.

Optometry as a profession is the primary public health responsibility for eliminating uncorrected refractive error. To provide excellent vision care to all the people of the country, India needs 116,000 optometrists. India currently has approximately 9000 optometrists.

After successfully completing the course, students will have the scope for the following opportunities-


  • Serve as an Optometrist in hospitals (both government and private sector) and in optical field.
  • Can set up their own private clinics
  • In Academics as a Teacher/Educator

While showcasing interest in the Corporate Sector


  • One can choose a career in sports vision, public health, and government service or community health centers.
  • Can pursue Masters, M. Phil, PhD or OD (Doctor of Optometry)
  • Do fellowship with specialization.
  •  With an experience of 1-2 years as an Optometrist, can apply for job abroad.

Optometry provides a highly satisfying career in the medical field that offers self-awareness, work flexibility, community respect, and unlimited opportunities.

It is a lucrative career option that one can choose to opt for. For more details visit, www.adtu.in or call us on +91 9864137777

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