Attitude'17 is the flagship event of Assam down town University with an objective to reflect the spirit of friendship, team work, culture, peace and development.
Making its mark for the first time, this four days mega event will come alive with incredible culture, resonating with the sound of awe-inspiring music and infotainment.
Unlike other events, Attitide'17 will conclude with a two days Job Fair to boost the recruitment culture in the region.

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Underground Dance Battle

Campus Princess

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Solo Singing

Solo Dance




From 22/02/2017
To 26/02/2017

Registration Opens 27/01/2017
Last Date of Registration 18/02/2017
Date of notification for shortlisted bands 19/02/2017
Date of the Competition 22/02/2017
Date of Final Round 23/02/2017

Band Eligibility Guidelines:
  • Bands with Rock based Genre from any city of India can register for the competition.
  • There is no restriction in the number of band members
  • Registration in the Competition is voluntary and free of charge.
  • Interested bands should send demo recording along with band profile prior to the 18th Day of FEBRUARY'17 at .
  • Competition is limited to 12 bands which will be selected from the registered bands by Judges appointed by the organiser based upon the band profile and demo recordings.


  • The bands will have to perform at least one original composition in the first round and the time allowed is 15 minutes including sound check in which they can perform as many songs as they want.
  • No participants can play in more than one band.
  • Demands for slots will not be entertained.
  • Bands should bring their own gears.
  • From first round of 12 bands, 4 bands will be selected for the finals based on their performance by the judges.
  • Time limit for the Final round will be 20 minutes for each band
  • The selected bands are not allowed to repeat any cover song in the finals

  • The band should report at the venue at least two hours before the commencement of the event.
  • Consumption of alcohol and smoking is prohibited.
  • Damage of equipments will not be a responsibility of the organizers.
  • Explicit or offensive language will result in immediate expulsion from the stage.
  • Prizes are non-transferable and non-replaceable.
  • Rules are subjected to change and will be informed to the participants prior hand.
  • Judge's/Organizer's decision will be the final decision.

  • The first round will start from 0900hrs to1330 hrs. Each band will be allowed to perform for 15 min including sound check.
  • Final will start from 1600 hrs. to 1800 hrs. Each band will be allowed to perform for maximum of 20 minutes.

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Dj War

Dj War

From 22/02/2017
To 26/02/2017

Registration Opens 30/01/2017
Last Date of Registration 18/02/2017
Date of notification for shortlisted bands 20/02/2017
Date of the Competition 22/02/2017 and 22/02/2017

Let the bass drop with the DJs. Move to the beats and DANCE LIKE THERE'S NO TOMORROW while the budding DJs take on the battle of playing today's HOTTEST spinning music. Attitude'17 awaits those who live for music and possess the courage to go against all odds to emerge victorious in this battle.

  • Registrations are to be done online. Contestants need to upload two audio clips during registration in mp3 format. Uploaded audio clips are to be of minimum 3 and maximum 6 minutes of duration. REMIXES ARE NOT ALLOWED.
  • A total of 20 DJs are to be selected to perform live at ADTU FEST 2017.
  • DJs need to carry their own laptop and music CDs as per choice.
  • The mix should contain at least three genres of music. For example:- House(Progressive, Future, Big Room, Tropical,), Hip Hop/Rap(Trap), Brostep.
  • Decision of the organizers will be final and binding in all matters.


  • A total of 15 minutes is to be provided for performance. 13 minutes of live mixing and 2 minutes for setup of sound.
  • Marking scheme is subjected to judges only.
  • DJs will be provided with the mixers.
  • DJs found using pre-looped tracks/pre-extended mixes/pre-cued tracks/pre-pitched tracks will be disqualified.


  • A total of 5 DJs would be selected for the final round.
  • All the finalists would be given 24 minutes which includes 12 minutes for performing stunts portraying his/her DJing skills, 10 minutes for live mixing and 2 minutes for sound check.
  • DJs need to carry their .flp file of their produced music OR the music in CD format, USB format.
  • DJs found using pre-looped tracks/pre-extended mixes/pre-cued tracks/pre-pitched tracks will be disqualified.

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Underground Dance Battle


Underground Dance Battle

From 22/02/2017
To 26/02/2017

Registration Opens 28/01/2017
Last Date of Registration 19/02/2017
Date of notification for shortlisted bands 20/02/2017
Date of the Competition 22/02/2017
And Date for Final Round 23/02/2017

The competition is open to all. There is no Entry fee for Participants. However there will be a deadline for registration following which no further applicants will be entertained.


The dance battle will be organized in two formats - Group and Solo performances.
The solo performance will be of two categories "Breaking and Popping"
And the group event will be in "All styles"


1 vs 1 Breaking

1 vs 1 Popping

Crew vs Crew All Styles (5 - 6 mins max)


1 vs 1 Popping - Yum Raj

1 vs 1 Breaking - Bboy Ryan Al

Crew vs Crew All Styles - Bboy Ryan Al and Yum Raj


1 vs 1 Popping - 5k + Momentou

1 vs 1 Breaking - 5k + Momentou

Crew vs Crew - 10k + Momentou


There will be two round of selection Preliminary and Finals

This round will be an elimination round. A total of 10 (ten) participants will be selected at the end of the preliminary round in both formats.
The solo event will see a one to one competition, at the end of which one will be eliminated and the winner will reach the finals.
A number of 10 teams will be selected for the finals likewise.

Finals will be conducted on the second day*
*However the plan is subjected to change depending upon the number of registered participants.
Results will be declared just after finals immediately.

Judgement & Results
  • Participants will be judged by a jury consisting of renowned professionals in the field.
  • Performances will be rated by giving points for each of the criteria, for example. Synchronicity, the completeness of choreography, artistry, technique, shows elements etc.
  • Winners of both categories will be awarded (Winners and Runners up in both categories will be awarded customized trophies for this event.)
  • Winner will be awarded a cash prize of 10000 for Group event and 5000 each for solo event.

Terms & Conditions
  • Dance studio or team can participate in all the categories, but with different dancers and compositions.
  • All additional information will be sent personally when registration form will be completed.
  • Precondition -Correct behavior! Touch of opponents and abusive gestures are prohibited. It is forbidden to perform drunk or stoned. For violation of this condition -immediate disqualification. The organizers reserve the right to host the qualifying rounds at its discretion.
  • All dancers wearing vulgar and/or provocative costumes will be penalized. This rule applies to all categories with minor tolerance to the inferior ones.
  • During Competition teachers, group leaders and team/club leaders are strictly prohibited to ask any explanations from the Adjudicators. All explanations, information or complaints may be discussed with the Competition Director, according to appropriate rules that concern execution of Competition.
  • If one of these rules will be violated, participants/team will be disqualified.

For all the situations not mentioned in these regulations, decisions will be made by the restricted technical committee and the Attitude 2016 chairman organizing committee.

Group Event-Street Dance Show
  • Number of participants in a team cannot exceed 8 nos.
  • Duration of performance: 1-1.5 minutes (during prelims) 2 - 3 minutes (During Finals)
  • It is forbidden to use any decorations in a dance composition, such as.: Tables, chairs, benches, balloons, confetti, etc.
  • There cannot be any elements of other dance styles (modern, ballet, etc)
  • Team cannot leave their stuff on the stage after performance.
  • In "Battles 5vs5" category judges will decide, which 10 teams will pass to the battles.

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Campus Princess

Campus Princess

From 22/02/2017
To 26/02/2017

The ramp, you can never forget; a walk to remember

The most awaited beauty pageant of the year is here! The Campus Princess contest is all set to be the talk of the town right now and it is a great privilege for the fresh faces out there to give the contest a try. However, like any other beauty pageant, this contest also has a set of strict rules and regulations that are to be followed by every candidate out there.

Be the glamour, feel the admiration, in Attitude'17.

Kindly take into consideration the following eligibility criteria for the Campus Princess auditions:
  • Profile: The applicant needs to be a student from a recognized educational institution
  • Nationality: Indian Passport Holder
  • Age: 18-27
  • Relationship Status: Single/Unmarried
  • Dress Code: Black cocktail dress and stilettos
  • Height: 5'5 and above (Without heels)

  • The contestant must agree to abide by all the rules and regulations set by the Organizers.
  • Enclose photocopy of birth certificate or H.S.L.C Markshit and two Photos of the contestant (One Headshot, One Full Body) along with the entry form.
  • Marital status of the contestant: Single
  • The deadline for the entries will be 20th Feb, 2017
  • Make sure to bring proper attire needed for the pageant. i.e Black cocktail dress and stilettos.
  • Bring your own jewellery, make-up etc.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any delays of the pageant.
  • Schedule of events and qualification rounds are subject to change at the discretion of the organizers.
  • Any incorrect information will result in disqualification whether discovered prior to, during, or after the finals.
  • Participants must be ready and must report to the designated location at the stipulated time.

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Attitude is the only College Fest to have a job fair forming an integral part. Companies from around the country will participate to boost the recruitment culture in the region. This is what makes Attitude a one-of-a-kind college fest in the entire nation. AdtU has been successfully organizing Job Fairs wherein students and professionals from across the region participate. Please fill the registration form to get an entry in the Job fair.

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Solo Singing

Solo Dance


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