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AdtU strives for excellence in teaching - learning, research and outreach programmes where technology synergizes creativity for sustainably nurturing an academic and professional leadership that successfully reaches out in a spirit of openness, inclusiveness and service to the society.


1. To cater to the diverse academic and professional needs of the people of the region, nation and even for those from other nations / countries.

2. To establish itself as a centre of excellence in academic and research programmes and to develop as a centre for excellent knowledge repository and knowledge dissemination.

3. To produce creative and able work force as per the changing requirement of different sectors of the economy.

4. To emphasize on research and development to tackle local and regional issues.

5. To emphasize scientific studies for harnessing the potentials of the regional and local resources.

6. To contribute towards economic development of the nation through capacity building of human resources at different levels.

7. To promote entrepreneurship development through innovation and incubation.

8. To emphasize networking with other academic and research institutions of repute for human resource development.

About the Faculty of Engineering and Technology:

Assam down town University (AdtU) has opened the Faculty of Engineering & Technology in 2010 keeping in view of the local and regional needs that was long been felt in this part of the country. The idea was to spread the fruit of technical knowledge to numerous aspiring students who want to pursue technical education as a tool to excel in life. Since then there are some reforms made to the faculty of Engineering & Technology to meet up this growing demand staying within the purview and guidelines of the regulatory and governing bodies by the Government of India. Right now we have three programmes namely Civil engineering, Mechanical engineering and Computer Science and Engineering within this umbrella. At present, the total number of students are around 600. The inspiring thing is that a major portion of the students are coming from all the eight North East states and some from the countries as far as Nigeria and neighboring countries as Bangladesh, Nepal and Bhutan. We have a pool of competent faculty with highly specialized areas of in Associate and Professor levels. The research facilities equipped are with some of the best in the region, the University promises to be one of the hubs of research in the field of technical education in the present day. Among the remaining private Universities in the region, we are one of the competitive in terms of the cost of the engineering courses. Moreover, students receiving better percentages (75-80%) during their (10+2) are eligible for receiving scholarships.

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