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The faculty of CMHSS undertakes research activities in the form of Phd work, research papers, academic projects, funded projects etc. The thrust areas of research under the faculty are,

1. Rural and urban development

2. Tourism management and marketing

3. Food security

4. Marketing of services

5. Human resource management

6. Hospitality management

7. Customer satisfaction

8. Tribal development

9. Consumer perception

10. Social problems and prospects

11. Local tradition and culture

Some of the recent research activities of the Faculty of CMHSS are,

Research Paper in Journal:

Dutta J.P. and Goswami H. (2019). Functioning of public distribution system and food security: a study of Lahoal development Block under Dibrugarh district of Assam. International Journal of Advance and Innovative Research, Vol.06. (2), 50 – 55.ISSN : 2394-7780  Mrs. Manashi Mazumdar,  Dr. H. Goswami & Dr. Arabinda Debnath: “Brick Industry as a Source of Pollution- Its Causes and Impact on Human Rights: A Case Study of Brick Kilns of Palasbari Revenue Circle”  Pratidhwani the Echo, ISSN: 2278-5264 (Online), 2321-9319 (Print) published by Dept. of Bengali, Karimganj College, Karimganj, Assam, Volume-Vi, Issue-III, Page No. 220-240, January, 2018/ 6.28 (Index Copernicus International. Rishi Chakravarty (2018). Hierarchy of effects and consumer buying: Findings from literature review. Journal of open learning and research Communication, VOL-4, 37-56. Samannoy Baruah (2019). Manpower Requirement in Tourism & Hospitality Sector - A Study of North East India. International Journal of Innovative Research in Science, Engineering and Technology, Vol 8 (3), 2590 – 2593 Sangeeta Das (2019). Study On Business Practices of Street Food Vendors in Guwahati City. International Journal on Recent Trends in Business and Tourism (IJRTBT). VOL-3 (3). 91-98. Suparna Dhar& Barnali Sharma (2019). Picture of Women as Shown in Indian Television Soaps And Its Impact On The Society. Epra International Journal of Multidisciplinary Research. VOL 6 (7), 81 – 83. SuparnaDhar (2019). Homosexual Orientation Among Men: A Study On Guwahati City in Assam. International Educational Scientific Research Journal, VOL:5 (7), 47-49.(IF: 4.471) SuparnaDhar &KhrawboklangIangrai (2019). A Study on the Prevalence of Gender Disparity InMawlynnong Village. International Journal of Research Review. VOL 5 (7), 309 – 312. (IF: 4.471) Debrani Chandrani Choudhury (2019). Coping with stress, tension & anxiety during Adolescents and the role of parents with social work intervention. International journal of science and research. VOL:8 (6). 903 – 906. Deepali Borthakur (2019). Indian classical literature: a brief synopsis. International Jounal of Education And Research (Pg:104) Ajanta. Chakravarty R.(2019), A study with reference to Dark Tourism Advances in Economics and Business Management, Advances in Economics & Business Management, 6 (5), 364-366, Cosmos Impact Factor:5.125 (2018), 2019.

Books/Book chapter:

Dr. Seema Sharma & Dr. Sweta Sharma : A research paper titled  “ Detariffication-A Paradigm Shift Post Liberalization in Non-Life Insurance Industry in India”   published in the book  “Financial Services in India: Emerging Issues and Trends”  by Department of M.Com Gauhati Commerce College in association with Research and Publication Cell GCC Ghy-21, ISBN:978-81-925322-7-1, Vol: I, Year-2019. Dr. Samannoy Baruah: Major Tourist Attractions of North East India, by Lambert Academic Publishing; ISBN: 978-613-9-44733-6, Year-2019  Mr. Bhabajyoti Saikia,Ms. Jumi kalita & Ms. Pranami Chakravorty : Foreign Direct Investment- Role OF Government and Its Impact on The Indian Economy” published in the book  “Financial Services in India: Emerging Issues and Trends”  by Department of M.Com Gauhati Commerce College in association with Research and Publication Cell GCC Ghy-21,  ISBN:978-81-925322, Vol: II,  Year-2019. Pranami Chakravorty & Ms. Jumi Kalita :“FDI-Role of government and its impact on the Indian economy” Financial Service in India: Emerging Issues and Trends Chapter in book / ISBN-978-81-925322-5-7 VOL III,2018. Rishi Chakravarty :Tourism development interface :inferences from case studies” published in the book  “management –the development perspective” chapter in edited book, KKHSOU, 2019. Ms. Sangeeta Das: titled “innovation in banking service” Published in the book “Finance Services In India: Emerging Issues And Trends” Chapter In Book, ISBN-978-81-925322-6-4, GCC In Association With Research And Publication Cell, VOL-II, 2018.

Umananda Devaloi: An Experience Beyond Religious Tourism Tathapi (UGC Care Journal) ISSN:2320-0693 Vol-19-Issue-33-June-2020 Page-46 by Dr. Sudhanshu Verma (Prof) and Dr. Bhola Chourasia (Associate Prof)

 Assessment of Role Conflict Faced By Working Women Tathapi (UGC Care Journal) ISSN:2320-0693 Vol-19-Issue-44-June-2020 Page- 115 Copyrightⓒ2020Author by Dr. Sudhanshu Verma (Prof) and Dr. Bhola Chourasia (Associate Prof)

Banker’s Inconvenience: Salient Factors Analysis to mitigate it conclusively  Juni Khyat (UGC Care Group I Listed Journal) Vol-10 Issue-6 No. 12 June 2020 ISSN: 2278-4632 (UGC Care Group I Listed Journal) Vol-10 Issue-6 No. 12 June 2020 Page-159 Copyright ⓒ 2020 Authors by Dr. Sudhanshu Verma (Prof) and Dr. Bidyut Bikash Das (Associate Prof)

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