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Scientific committees

1. Institutional Animal Ethics Committee (IAEC), Assam down town University: The renewal of registration to undertake animal studies at Assam down town University is being obtained from Ministry of Environment & Forest, Govt. of India. IAEC, Assam down town University (AdtU) [1574/PO/Re/11/CPCSEA]. Experiments as a part of the research work with small experiments are being initiated at the university.

Institutional Animal Ethics Committee held on 24th December at Council room, Assam Down Town University Campus

2. Project Evaluation Committee

3. Paper Publication Committee

4. Conference/ Seminar Evaluation Committee

5. Research Review Committee

Brief Report :

The second Research Review Committee (RRC) meeting was held on 19th of February 2016 in the Board Room of Assam down town University. The welcome address was delivered by Dr. B.G.Unni, the co- chairman of the RRC. The honorable vice chancellor of AdtU, Dr. R.C. Deka (Former Director, AIIMS, New Delhi) graced

Second Research Review Meeting at the Board Room Assam down town University

the occasion and showed keen interest in all the activities of the meeting. Vice Chancellor shared invaluable suggestions and his research and administrative expertise to motivate the participants of the meeting. He also emphasized in creating national harmony in the field research and forwarded many suggestions regarding the improvement of research and RRC in particular. The Vice chancellor laid more emphasis on quality of work, competence, creating skill development programme and self motivation which will help the young generation as well as the society. He in fact renamed the existing Board of Research studies name to more appropriate Research Review Committee.

Dr. B.G.Unni had presented an excellent preview in front of the members showing different projects that are either accepted or are in the final stage of review in different national funding agencies.  Dr. Unni was very happy to disclose that As many as 30 projects were submitted by the faculties to different funding bodies such as Department of Biotechnology (DBT), Department of Science & Technology (DST), Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR), Indian Council of Agricultural Research (ICAR), and University Grants Commission (UGC) of which 14 projects were now in the final stage of review. Dr.  Unni also talked about the current status of research, progress achieved so far and research papers published in National/ /international journals, Conferences attended and other scientific programs/ ventures undertaken at the University. He provided a brief idea on the research areas of interest and various initiatives taken by the management of AdtU to encourage the young faculties like selection of best speaker of Saturday seminar and selection of best teacher.

Both the external experts from Gauhati University and IIT Guwahati expressed their happiness in regards to the improvement in the overall research of the university. They especially applauded Dr. Unni for his stupendous leadership. The external experts, Dr. M.C.Kalita, emphasized on the social benefits of the research outcome and advocated for skill based education. He emphasized for research in the areas of agricultural sciences. Dr. M.C. Kalita also talked about the fundamental research leading to application, must have an impact on social obligation and also suggested to adopt a village with respect to the outcome of some of the projects .The other expert, Dr. Kannan Pakshirajan  from IIT gauhati was very generous in sharing his research experience and touched upon various aspects of research. Professor Kannan suggested to have a Conclave for students having innovative ideas and providing opportunities to present their innovative ideas at the Conclave. He provided details of some of the fellowships like the PM research award, and also suggested for having a project in the area of energy sector (Biogas) at the university campus.

The members of the RRC were then involved in a brainstorming interaction and exchanged many innovative ideas. Some of the members Dr. H. Goswami, Dr. U. C. Kalita, Dr B. K. Dey, Dr. A.M.Dutta and Dr. L.P.Saikia  present in  the meeting discussed issues and prospects in relation to research activities going on as a part of B. Tech and M. Tech  programme in their respective departments. In the concluding remarks Dr. B G Unni thanked the  experts  and  all members for their presence and interaction in the meeting and to Vice Chancellor for his participation and active interaction and suggestion at the review meeting. The vote of thanks was delivered by Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma, Joint member secretary of RRC which was followed by lunch.


Project Evaluation and Paper Publication Committee, Assam down town University

A joint meeting of the Project Evaluation and Paper Publication Committee was held on 24th November, 2016 at 11.30 AM at Council Room chaired by Dr. B G Unni, Director Research and the Coordinator of both the committees. The following members of the committees and invitees namely Dr. B.K. Dey (Member), Dr. P.C. Sarma (Member), Mrs. Manashi Sengupta (Member), Dr. A.M. Dutta (Member), Prof. Dr. Mimi Das Saikia (Invitee), Dr. L.P. Saikia (Invitee), Dr. Lanu Devi (Invitee), Dr. Abhinav Gupta (Invitee), Mr. Akshay Chandra Deka (Convener - Project Evaluation Committee), Mr. Nayan Talukdar (Co-Convener, Project Evaluation Committee), Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma (Convener - Paper Publication Committee), Mr. Bhriganka Bharadwaj (Co-Convener, Paper Publication Committee) were invited at the meeting, and the members Mrs. Manashi Sengupta, Dr. A.M. Dutta ,Mr. Akshay Chandra Deka, Mr. Nayan Talukdar, and Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma were attended the meeting and interacted in various topics related to both the Committee’s activities for the year (2015-2016). The following points were discussed at the meeting.


  1. The faculties are encouraged to submit research work (B. Tech or M. Tech, Ph.D, B. Pharm/ Diploma, M.Sc/ B.Sc) carried out at Assam down town University to be published in well reputed journals and must be en-routed through the Paper Publication Committee for proper evaluation/ suggestion. The reviewed paper by the committee may be allowed for publication in a reputed journal having Impact Factor. The Head of the respective Department are requested to provide the format of the respective committee (Publication) to the faculties for necessary official formalities. The Conveners of the Publication Committee Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma and Mr. Bhriganka Bharadwaj are requested to provide the Format/ Performa of the publication of research papers to the respective department for wide circulation among the faculties.


  1. The faculties of the respective department should be encouraged to submit the project proposal in their areas to various funding bodies such as DBT, DST, CSIR and ICMR etc for funding, and all these project proposals must be en-routed through the Project Evaluation Committee for review before its submission online or offline to various funding bodies. The Head of the respective Department are requested to provide the format of the respective committee (Project Evaluation) to the faculties for necessary official formalities. Mr. Akshay Chandra Deka, and Mr. Nayan Talukdar, Conveners of the Project Evaluation Committee is requested to provide the Performa of the Project Evaluation to the respective departments for wide circulation/ information among the faculties.


  1. The Coordinator appreciated the performance and functioning of the Conference Evaluation Committee under the Chairmanship of Professor Dr. H.K. Das (Pro-Vice Chancellor) and Convener Professor Dr. Mimi Das Saikia.


            The Coordinator thanked the members of both the committees for their presence, constructive suggestions and active participation in the meeting.


Research Review Committee

Brief Report

The 3rd Research Review Committee Meeting of Assam down town university was held on 21st November, 2016 in the Board Room, Assam down town University, The Pro-Vice Chancellor, Director Research, Resident Trustee and the following members of the committee and invitees namely Dr. P.C. Sarmah (Member), Dr. A.M. Dutta (Member), Dr. B.K. Dey (Member), Mrs. Manashi Sengupta (Member), Dr. L.P. Saikia (Member), Mr. Saurav Zaman (Invitee), Dr. Abhinav Gupta (Invitee), Dr. Saikat Sen (Invitee), Dr. Raja Chakraborty (Invitee), Mr. D. Mishra ( Invitee CE), Dr. Yamin Hassan (Member Secretary), Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma (Joint Member Secretary), Professor Dr. Kannan Pakshirajan (Member Expert-& Professor & HOD, Department of Biosciences & Bio-Engineering, IIT Guwahati), were invited and attended the meeting. Professor Dr. M.C. Kalita (Member Expert) Dr. U.C. Kalita (Member), Dr. H. Goswami (Member) could not attend the meeting.

The Pro-Vice Chancellor Professor Dr. H.K. Das gave welcome speech and thereafter Dr. B.G. Unni, Director Research & Co- Chairman of the Research Review Committee briefed about the progress of research activities at Assam down town University and also informed the committee members regarding the sanctioning of the Mega Network Project on ‘Scented Rice’ funded by Department of Biotechnology, Govt. of India. He also mentioned about the research activities initiated at the university at different level, projects submitted to various funding bodies for financial support and publications etc after the 2nd research review meeting till October 2016. Dr. Saikat Sen (PI) & Dr. Raja Chakraborty (Co-PI) & Associate Professors, Department of Pharmacy informed the External Member & other members present in the meeting about the recently funded project, its aims and objectives and its benefits on livelihood of the people of this region. The External Expert Professor Dr. Kannan Pakshirajan in his remarks highly appreciated the commendable progress made by the University so far in research front and publications etc. He also appreciated the steps taken by the management for improving the research atmosphere at the University. Some of the members Ms. Manashi Sengupta, Dr. B.K Dey, Prof. Dr. L.P. Saikia Saikia present in the meeting discussed issues and prospects in relation to research activities going on at their respective departments. Ms. Manashi Sengupta informed about the research work as a Post Graduate course work in the area of quality of life of Oral Cancer Patients and Cutaneous stimulation on AV Fistula among Hemodialysis Patients undertaken by the Post Graduate Students. The External Expert also extended his full support from IIT Gauhati in the form of collaboration and other technical advices for further strengthening the research capabilities of the University. In the concluding remarks Dr. B G Unni thanked the expert and all members for their presence participation at the Research Review Committee Meeting. The Review Meeting ended with the Vote of thanks delivered by Dr. Manash Pratim Sarma, Joint member secretary of RRC.

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