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AdtU Exam Schedule 2016

Morning BREAK Evening  
Date Dicipline Sem Subject & Code Dicipline Sem Subject & Code  
03-12-2016  (Saturday) MBA I Financial Accounting Management BBA I Marketing Management  
BSc IT Introduction to Information Theory and Applications   (202155) BBA-MBA Communication in English  
04-12-2016  (Sunday) MBA I Business Communication BBA I Communication in English  
BSc IT Mathematics I BBA-MBA Organisational Behavior  
10-12-2016 (Saturday) BBA I Organisational Behavior MBA I Managerial Economics  
BBA-MBA Introduction to Internet BSc IT Introduction to Digital Electronics  
11-12-2016  (Sunday) BBA I Computer Fundamentals MBA I Managerial Practices and Organisational Behavior (MP & OB)    (203214)  
BBA-MBA Computer Fundamentals BSc IT Digital Computer Fundamentals  
17-12-2016 (Saturday) MBA I Human Resource Management (HRM) BBA I Financial Accounting Management  
BSc IT Introduction to C Programming BBA-MBA Introduction to Technology Management   
18-12-2016  (Sunday) MBA I Statistics        



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