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5 yrs Integrated BTech & MTech

Background : Competition amongst the job seekers in a professional field has tremendously increased. It is always advantageous to have a higher educational degree in the armory. The entry qualification for a teachers post in an engineering college is a master’s degree. Promotion prospects for a master’s degree holder in a professional world is much higher. That is why many students are interested to take a programme  that allows them to get a post graduate  degree along with the bachelor’s degree  at a much lesser cost and time. The department offers an integrated B. Tech & M. Tech degree programme which is of 5 years duration which otherwise would normally take 6 years, if done separately.  

Scope : A very good prospect for individuals who are interested in a career in academics. Also a must for individuals who are interested in research and  development. Such an integrated degree greatly enhances the promotion prospects in the corporate world.

Integrated Programme Programme Duration Eligibility Criteria
B.Tech + M.Tech The programme is of 5 years (10 semesters) duration. This will save one valuable year as regular B. Tech and M.Tech courses take 6 years to complete 10 + 2, Science, 50 % in P.C.M from a Recognized Board of Education. (5% relaxation for ST/SC)


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