Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

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Bachelor of Science in Microbiology

Microbiology is the branch of science which deals with the study of diverse groups of microorganisms. Microorganisms have both harmful and beneficial effects on human beings, various plants and animals. This branch of science deals with the detail study of those microorganisms. This course includes study of medically important microorganisms as well as microorganisms of agricultural, environmental and industrial importance. Apart from these it includes subjects like Molecular biology, Recombinant DNA Technology, Biochemistry etc. which enables a person to get technical knowledge of the biological science. In short Microbiology is an emerging branch of science with very high potential of research and development.

Scope : After completion of the course one can pursue Master degree in Microbiology or opt for career in,

  • In laboratories as a microbiologist.
  • In various food processing industries as microbiologist and quality control officer.
  • In beverage industries and pharmaceutical industries.

The course duration of 3 years comprises of six semesters with both theory and practical papers and a project as below  :

Duration Eligibility Criteria
3 Years Students who have passed higher secondary, science with 50% marks in PCB from a recognized board are eligible for admission in B.Sc. Microbiology course

For Fees Details Please Contact Admission Office in the Following Phone Numbers :

1. +91 98641 37777
2. 0361 2330008


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